‘General Hospital’ Year End Spoilers: Lulu Targets Nina, Valentin At Gun Point, Cassandra Loses Her Cool

General Hospital spoilers tease Friday’s episode will bring a lot of excitement. Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan) will continue to keep her senses open, and she will think something is up during the New Year’s Eve celebration. Spoilers hint she will figure out Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) is up to something, and Nina Reeves ( Michelle Stafford) is helping him cover things up.

Lulu’s Next Assignment

General Hospital spoilers tease there will be exciting scenes during the New Year. Lulu will keep on pestering Nina for information about what Valentin is up to. Prior spoilers revealed Lulu wants to cover something bigger after she succeeded in her election expose. Spoilers tease Lulu will approach Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) and alert him to Valentin’s movement.

Lulu has an amazing mentor to back her up, and spoilers tease Peter will do everything to encourage Lulu. There were speculations that Lulu’s next story will involve Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Andrew Cain (Billy Miller), but there’s also a possibility that the next expose will involve Cassandra’s drug operations. Given the individuals involved in the scheme, Lulu’s new story will surpass the issues about the rigged elections.

Valentin’s Decision

As of the moment, Valentin is working as a double agent, and as Cassandra becomes suspicious of the people around her, there might be serious consequences. Head writer Shelly Altman hinted General Hospital will end the year with a bang. After Cassandra discovered someone bugged her phone, Valentin will end up at gunpoint.

Someone might end up at the wrong end of the gun, and several players might end up hurt. Cassandra will order her henchman to beat the truth out of Valentin. Cassandra also wants Sonny gone, so there’s a possibility that the Port Charles mob boss will end up in trouble too.

Anna and Finn have almost everything they need to take Cassandra down. Just when they thought everything is in place, things will go awry. General Hospital spoilers tease Cassandra will show just how ruthless she can become. Finn won Cassandra over, and she thinks her accomplice is loyal. Instead of Finn, Cassandra will think Valentin sold her out. Spoilers tease Valentin’s life will be in serious danger.

The mission to put an end to Cassandra’s drug operations brought Anna and Finn together, General Hospital spoilers from Soap Opera Spy reveal the two might realize their feelings for each other soon. If there’s a budding attraction between the two, another couple will have serious issues. General Hospital spoilers tease Carly prepared something special for Jason and Sam, she just can’t wait for the year to end without doing something to push this couple back to each other’s arms.

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