‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Explains, Cassandra’s Plan Backfires, Drew Saves Franco-Liz Wedding

General Hospital spoilers tease Cassandra will have the upper hand, but there’s a brewing scheme she might have overlooked. Cassandra’s main concern has been her new drug. She had no qualms about blackmailing everyone she knows to get the job done. Her first move was to go after Valentin and to use all the dirt she had on him to accomplish her goal. Cassandra just found someone to help her forward with her plans, but things will not work as planned.

Enemies in the Shadows

General Hospital spoilers tease Cassandra feels her plans are going well. In fact, she will try to expedite her plans thinking she has everything figured out. What she doesn’t know is that her accomplice, Finn, is an enemy. Cassandra’s enemies are piling up. With Finn, Anna, and Valentin in one team, she is in serious danger. For now, Cassandra is totally clueless about what her enemies have been planning for her.

Cassandra will also be slow in figuring out what’s going on because of her attraction to Finn. General Hospital spoilers reveal Anna will ask Finn to bug Cassandra’s phone so they can figure out where her warehouse is. Cassandra will be too busy with trying to catch Finn’s attention to figure out her accomplice is plotting against her. While Anna’s plan may seem to be working, Cassandra will prove to be a formidable enemy. Spoilers tease she will show just how ruthless she can be when she is after a certain goal.

Mob Boss Explains

Sonny will try to clear the air with Drew. General Hospital spoilers tease the two will have a heart to heart talk, and the mob boss will tell Jason’s twin that he still counts him as a friend. The past few weeks have been confusing to everyone in GH. Despite everything that happened Sonny will try to patch things up with Drew. Hopefully, this will help Drew find a way to get used to having a new identity.

Friz Drama Ahead

General Hospital spoilers tease the drug drama will not be the only thing going on in Port Charles. Franco feels edgy after receiving a Christmas card from Betsy, and spoilers reveal he will continue to feel insecure about his relationship with Liz. Jason remains wry about Franco because, in his memories, he is the man who ruined his family. General Hospital explained Franco’s hideous behavior as the result of a brain tumor. However, the real Jason is not buying that explanation. He will also be vocal about Franco’s role in Jake’s life.

Jason just had a heartbreaking moment after Jake and spoilers for Celeb Dirty Laundry, he will try to find a way to keep Franco out of Jake and Liz’s life. Friz just got engaged, and spoilers for 2018 reveal Franco will feel more insecure about being with a woman as great as Liz. General Hospital spoilers tease Jason might also uncover what Franco might have done in the past, and use it to justify his opposition towards Liz and Franco’s marriage. Drew’s memories might help clarify what happened with Franco during their childhood. This fact might help Franco feel more confident about his love for Liz, and eventually, save his marriage.

General Hospital spoilers tease complications in various relationships in the upcoming year, Peter will play a crucial role in Drew and Sam’s relationship, Jason will discover shocking facts, and there will be more surprises in Port Charles.

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