Cricketer Rangana Herath Is Not Dead Despite Death Rumors

The rumors of Sri Lankan Cricketer Rangana Herath’s death have been proven false. Rumors spread around the internet at break neck speeds after it was reported that Herath had died in a car crash.

Herath was spotted after that rumor was spread as he pitched up for work at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Saturday.

The 34-year-old leg spinner was the dominate wicket-taker in test cricket last year, claiming two Australian wickets to seal a haul of four for 95 and then contributing to nine runs with the bat.

After hearing of their teammates rumored death Dimuth Karunaratne told reporters:

“I heard about it when we having breakfast but I had no idea where that came from. Guys from Sri Lanka were calling us asking ‘when is the funeral?”

Karunaratne was quick to add:

“Rangana is alive.”

Despite his very much alive state that wasn’t enough for Herath to help against a powerful Australian team during his teams third test match loss on Saturday.

Internet death rumors have become a common day practice, so much to the point that if you hear about a car crash death there is probably a very real chance that it is a rumor. In fact the more believable the rumor the more you should investigate its origins.