Fans Take To Social Media To Defend Netflix’s ‘Bright’ As The Streaming Service Posts Their Own Orc Review

Leading up to the premiere of Netflix’s original movie Bright, starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, critics posted their reviews of the film which sparked some controversy, as many of the reviews called it the worst movie of the year. In fact, director David Ayer responded to one of the negative reviews by saying that he planned to save the review and put it on his refrigerator because the critic had such a way with words. However, now that the film has begun streaming on Netflix, viewers are getting the chance to decide for themselves if the movie is good or not, and it seems like the response from those who have seen Bright in the wake of the negative reviews is different from that of the critics.

On social media, fans of Bright have come to the movie’s defense, calling out the critics for getting it wrong when it comes to their negative response to the film. As ComicBook reported, while there have been some viewers who agreed with the critics, it seems that things are swinging in a new direction for the movie, as fans of the film are taking to social media to share their thoughts on Bright. Many of the fans who have posted to social media have said that the critics were wrong in their negativity, saying the movie was “really good” and that they would be willing to watch it again.

One Twitter user said that they would never listen to the critics again because, in their opinion, Bright was actually, “one of the best movies I’ve seen all year.” Another Twitter user said that they believe the critics might be getting paid to give negative reviews of the film because they got it “completely wrong” with the bad reviews. Another fan said that they felt like the movie was so well done that they could see an entire franchise coming out of the movie.

While the critics may not have appreciated Bright, Netflix decided they were going to have a little fun with the negative reviews and posted their own Orc review of the film to Facebook. In the video, which seemed to be a direct response to the critics, two Orcs shared their thoughts on the movie while also giving a very quick rundown of the story. One Orc offered the movie a nine out of 10, while his reviewing partner gave the movie a seven, before adding half a point to his score.

With not only fans defending Bright, but Netflix also offering an Orc review of the film, it seems as if opinions may be shifting regarding how audiences are receiving the movie. Bright is currently streaming on Netflix, which means that there is plenty of time for new viewers to find the movie and offer their own thoughts on the Will Smith led project.