Jenelle Evans Blamed For ‘Uncle David’ Abandoning His Family

Jenelle Evans is public enemy number one according to her sister-in-law, Jessica Eason Miller. The two have been at each other’s throats for months, with only a small amount of time allotted to being civil with one another. Now, Miller is upset about the holidays that passed and not seeing her brother. Evans and David Eason got married a few months ago, and since then, things with Eason’s family have been tense.

Jessica Eason Miller has been very vocal about her distaste for Jenelle Evans. The two have not seen eye to eye at all. David Eason hooking up with Evans put a strain on his relationship with his sister, which has now trickled down to have an effect on his nieces and nephews. According to In Touch Weekly, Jessica Eason Miller posted an Instagram photo and rant about how Jenelle Evans is the reason David Eason no longer sees his family. She talked about how the children miss “Uncle David.” This was just another incident in the tangled relationship between David’s sister and his wife.

Aside from this holiday drama, Jenelle Evans has been picked apart by Jessica Eason Miller for other various things. In fact, she was accused of being on drugs because of her “mean” demeanor. While it wasn’t specified which drugs the Teen Mom 2 star could be using, Miller purposely threw that accusation out there. This wasn’t shocking to fans who have been talking about their theories on what is happening between Evans and David Eason in recent months.

Despite all of the animosity, Jessica Eason Miller has made it clear that Jenelle Evans will still be welcomed by the family if she changes her ways. The entire amount of blame has fallen on the reality star, with none of it being made to be David Eason’s fault at all. Evans has had her fair share of battles, especially regarding her two older children and her mother. She is still working on getting full custody of Jace from her mother, Barbara Evans. Jenelle and Nathan Griffith are co-parenting their son, Kaiser, but things aren’t smooth there either.

Teen Mom 2 is reportedly filming again, and there is hope that Jenelle Evans will address this feud with Jessica Eason Miller. There is a lot that needs to be hashed out, but hopefully, the two will mend fences and David Eason can include his family and Jenelle at the same time.