‘Lock Him Up’: Guest Escorted Out After Screaming At Donald Trump Animatronic In Hall Of Presidents [Video]

Danny Cox - Author

Dec. 28 2017, Updated 8:37 a.m. ET

Earlier this month, the Hall of Presidents reopened at Walt Disney World with Donald Trump’s audio-animatronic included and as you could expect, there have been mixed reactions. The historical attraction in Magic Kingdom has brought about those supporting his inclusion and many against it, but the first true protest has come about. One guest had to be escorted out of the attraction after repeatedly screaming “Lock him up!” at the robot that couldn’t possibly respond.

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Social media has been filled with different perspectives regarding Donald Trump’s addition to the Hall of Presidents, and there have even been measures taken by Disney. At times, there have been members of Disney’s security team, as well as Orange County Sheriff’s Department, stationed outside and inside the attraction to keep the peace.

Sometimes, though, things slip through the cracks.

A video posted by Ian R. on YouTube has started making the rounds on social media and it shows a guest chanting “Lock him up!” repeatedly at the stage as Trump spoke. This brought about other guests telling the one guest to be quiet and arguments to break out among others.

Now, a full video has landed on Twitter and it shows a user known as “Earnest Gay Thoughts” who is claiming to be the one responsible for the protest.

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The Twitter user, whose real name is Jay Malsky, is a former executive assistant at NBC, according to his Facebook page.

As you can see by the video above, all of the presidents are introduced before Donald Trump begins to speak. He barely even gets his name out before Malsky begins repeatedly chanting “Lock him up!” without letting up, and it obviously gets under the skin of other guests in the audience.

Some people try to hush him while others begin yelling back at him. The cast member inside the attraction even reminds everyone to please stay seated throughout the duration of the show. It continues for close to a minute before Malsky is escorted out of the building.

This would not be the first time that he has criticized Trump or Disney for putting him in the Hall of Presidents.

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No matter what people visiting Walt Disney World may think about Donald Trump, he is the current President of the United States. With that designation, he has been added to the Hall of Presidents inside Magic Kingdom whether people respect him or believe that someone should “lock him up.” If someone doesn’t want to see him in the attraction, they can simply bypass it, which would be better than being escorted out after screaming at an audio-animatronic.


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