Log In To ‘GTA Online’ For Free Gifts In The New Year, Revisit The Slasher Adversary Mode

There is still time to enjoy holiday discounts and free items in the online mode for Grand Theft Auto V. Players of GTA Online can log in now to take advantage of discounts on yachts, businesses, assault vehicles, and more. Not to mention, a new car is now purchasable and the Slasher mode is back.

This week in GTA Online, players can earn double cash and RP from the returning Slasher mode now called “Slashers.” This PvP mode includes two teams of players with special gear. One team is the Slasher team equipped with shotguns and machetes while the other Hunted team uses flashlights and thermal vision. Players can earn bonus RP and money from this mode until January 8.

According to the Rockstar Games website, a few more unlocks will be rewarded to players before the year is over. Snow will also be available to ring in the New Year like the previous years in GTA Online. Until the free items are available and the snow returns, players can benefit from several in-game discounts. Yachts, certain businesses, and select assault vehicles are 30 percent off until January 1. All three Galaxy Super Yachts are discounted alongside two businesses. The Arcadius Business Center and the Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499 are both 30 percent off.

GTA Online weekly discounts and free login gifts for New Year's 2018

Three assault vehicles are discounted now as well. Players can pick up the Armored Karin Kuruma, the Nagasaki Buzzard, and the HVY Insurgent for 30 percent off their normal prices. Both the Buy It Now and trade prices for the Kuruma and the Insurgent are discounted for a limited time.

A new car is also available in addition to the in-game discounts and free items. The Overflod Autarch hypercar can be purchased from the Legendary Motorsport website. It costs nearly $2 million and seats two players.

Be sure to log in to GTA Online on the New Year to unlock a few free items. It is unclear what players will receive for playing on January 1, but in previous years players were offered free clothes and the Firework Launcher. Players will also be able to frolic in the snow once more before it is retired for another year. As the Inquisitr reported, snow makes vehicles handle differently in GTA Online and lets players have snowball fights.