Major News Regarding John Cena’s Match At ‘WrestleMania 34’ Revealed

Before WrestleMania 33, the WWE Universe believed the long-awaited match between John Cena and The Undertaker would finally come to fruition in Orlando. Unfortunately for some people, WWE officials made some huge changes to the card and the match was canceled. With WrestleMania 34 just around the corner, WWE fans have started wondering what the creative plans will be for John Cena in New Orleans next year.

For several months, the rumor was that John Cena would challenge Jinder Mahal for the WWE Title at the event. However, Mahal’s main event push is over and AJ Styles is the current WWE Champion. Because of that, there is some speculation that WWE officials are planning Cena vs. Styles at WrestleMania 34, which makes sense because John Cena is the current frontrunner to win the ‘Royal Rumble‘ match next month.

However, it’s now being reported that John Cena will not be facing AJ Styles because WWE officials have a “much bigger match” planned for him than another match with The Phenomenal One. Styles has also been rumored for a huge dream match with Shinsuke Nakamura at WrestleMania 34. Although Cena’s opponent hasn’t been revealed just yet, it’s being said that the match will be crystal clear within the next few weeks.

John Cena is Expected to Leave Wrestlemania 33 as the WWE World Champion
‘Could John Cena leave New Orleans with the WWE Championship?’

With Raw’s 25th-anniversary show and the WWE Royal Rumble PPV coming up soon, the expectation is a lot of major angles and matches for WrestleMania 34 will be set up during those events. WWE officials are likely planning to reveal John Cena’s creative plans that week, but there will be a lot of speculation over the next month about those plans, especially with The Undertaker making his return to WWE programming.

The WWE Universe remains hopeful that John Cena vs. The Undertaker could still happen on the grandest stage of them all. Whatever WWE officials have planned for Cena in New Orleans, the fact that it’s going to be much bigger than a WWE Title match with AJ Styles is intriguing. Thankfully, it does not seem that fans need to wait much longer to find out what WWE officials have in store for John Cena at WrestleMania 34.