Jinger Duggar Wears Pants Again, Jeremy Vuolo Answers A Fashion Question And Shows ‘Love’ For His Wife

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been making the most of Pennsylvania’s gorgeous scenery during their visit to Jeremy’s home state. The Counting On stars are in Philadelphia for the holidays, and Jeremy recently put his photography skills to good use while he and Jinger checked out some of the city’s sights. However, most fans of the Duggar family have been too busy admiring what the pastor’s wife is wearing to comment on the beautiful backdrops that he chose for his photos.

On Wednesday, Jeremy Vuolo shared a photo of Jinger Duggar in front of the Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. The Duggar daughter stood on the steps of the majestic brick structure and struck a pose by gazing up at a massive green wreath hanging from one of the building’s arches. In the caption of his photo, Jeremy treated Duggar fans to a little Jinger trivia. He revealed that one of her favorite authors is the late Dr. James Montgomery Boice, who was the church’s pastor for over three decades.

However, Jeremy Vuolo’s followers didn’t respond to his post with requests for book recommendations and questions about theology. Instead, they couldn’t stop commenting on what his wife is wearing.

In Jeremy’s photo, Jinger Duggar is all decked out in slightly faded skinny jeans, a bright blue coat with shiny large buttons down the front and on the sleeves, a bright red scarf, a gray beanie, and white wedge sneakers.


It looks like Jinger Duggar has finally found a way to get fans to quit talking about her wearing pants quite so much; many of the responses to Jeremy’s photo were comments and questions about his wife’s bold footwear choice.

“Those shoes are giving me life! I need them in my life!” wrote one fan.

“What kind of shoes does she have on?” another asked.

Jeremy Vuolo actually responded to the fashion fans who were dying to know more about Jinger’s stylish kicks. He revealed that she’s wearing “Converse Chuck’s wedges” in the picture. (They’re actually called “Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lux Wedge Sneakers,” according to the Nordstrom website.) Jeremy ignored the fan who asked him whether he already knew this information about his wife’s outfit or whether he had to ask her.

Other fans were curious about Jinger Duggar’s headwear. Luckily for them, one of Jeremy’s followers recognized it as a Love Your Melon beanie.

Jeremy’s Instagram followers also fell in love with his photo of Jinger standing in front of the iconic “LOVE” statue on the University of Pennsylvania campus. Jeremy’s caption for the photo was a quote from 19th-century theologian Charles Spurgeon.

“A true wife is the husband’s better half, his flower of beauty, and his heart’s treasure. In her company he finds his earthly heaven; she is the light of his home, the comfort of his soul.”


Some Duggar fans responded to the post by applauding Jeremy’s quote choice, while others made the obligatory comments about Jinger wearing jeans. The Counting On star has been rocking pants regularly for months now, with In Touch Weekly pointing out that she even wore ripped jeans on Jesus’ birthday. However, seeing the Duggar daughter in something other than a skirt still surprises some fans. This is because her fundamentalist Christian parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, have always encouraged their daughters to wear modest skirts and dresses.

“OMG they let her wear jeans,” remarked one fan.

“Omg Jinger you are STUNNING! Those jeans look so nice on you!” another wrote.

One fan also asked Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar if they’ll ever address her decision to start wearing pants. Jeremy was willing to answer one fashion question, so who knows? Maybe he and his wife will talk about her major wardrobe overhaul during the upcoming season of Counting On.