Laura Dern And Baron Davis Were Just Caught Kissing And Twitter Is Completely Shook

Laura Dern and Baron Davis were seen kissing one another during a lunch date earlier this week and as photos of the apparent new couple hit the web, Twitter began reacting to the celebrity pairing.

While the 50-year-old Laura Dern and her 38-year-old rumored beau haven’t exactly confirmed their romance, they certainly looked the part of a celebrity couple as they kissed and walked together at the Beverly Hills Hotel on December 20. According to an Us Weekly eyewitness who saw Laura Dern and Baron Davis at the celebrity hotspot, Davis was completely doting over his possible leading lady as they talked, laughed, and had a great time with one another.

In one particular photo, which has made its rounds on Twitter, Laura Dern was seen planting a big kiss on Baron Davis’ lips as he held her purse in his hand.

The insider went on to say that while Laura Dern was “trying to remain incognito” with Baron Davis, the couple couldn’t seem to keep their hands off one another. In fact, they were said to be “touching” throughout their afternoon together and at one point, the insider said they were “all over” each other.

Laura Dern and Baron Davis may seem like an odd pairing to some, at least according to recent tweets, but according to the magazine’s insider, they are completely infatuated with one another and acting totally in love.

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Following news of Laura Dern’s potential romance with the former NBA pro seen above, Twitter users shared a number of funny and insightful comments with their fans and followers, some of which suggested that the possible couple has saved 2017 with their exciting and unconventional relationship.

“It was a late entry, but Laura Dern and Baron Davis definitely win the award for the oddest celebrity couple of 2017,” one person tweeted on December 27.

According to another tweet, the year of 2017 may still have a chance for redemption, but only if Laura Dern and Baron Davis become engaged before the end of the year.

“Is anyone else shook as hell about Laura Dern and Baron Davis?” a third person wrote. “A friend posted about it on Facebook and I read the news about two hours ago at this point. Someone talk to me.”

Although the exact nature of Laura Dern and Baron Davis’ relationship is currently unconfirmed, despite the adorable photos, fans online can’t seem to get enough of the pair and tweets about their potential romance continue to be shared online.

Laura Dern split from her former husband Ben Harper in 2013 and Baron Davis split from Isabella Brewster, sister of actress Jordana Brewster, in June of this year. Both parties share two children with their former spouses.