‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Drew Is Already Married To Kim, Sam Heartbroken As Details Revealed

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Drew (Billy Miller) and Kim (Tamara Braun) might already be married. As if Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) marriage to Jason (Steve Burton) isn’t already enough to deal with, it seems the couple also needs to deal with yet another spouse. General Hospital spoilers via Celeb Dirty Laundry tease that Kim may be hiding information pertinent to Drew’s identity. It seems as if she may be hiding the biggest secret of all: she and Drew had a wedding ceremony to seal their love and commitment to each other all those years ago.

Kim never seems to be at ease, and she has not been totally forthcoming since her arrival in Port Charles. It is obvious that she hid the fact that Drew was Oscar’s father for a reason. Maybe revealing Oscar’s paternity was to safeguard herself and her son. However, General Hospital spoilers state that ever since she and Sam had the heart-to-heart chat, it has become clear that she is softening towards Drew, so much so that she even handed Drew a CD she knows might trigger his memory.

General Hospital spoilers point out that while talking to Sam, Kim was very insistent that there was no future for them. Why would she want to set Sam’s mind at ease so badly? Does she want to cover up the fact that once upon a time they made a lifetime commitment to each other?

General Hospital spoilers indicate that the clues that they were married lie in what Kim does not tell Drew. She tells him that they had a whirlwind three-month romance, during which time they conceived a child together. How does a loyal-to-the-bone man like Drew just leave someone he loves behind? How did their romance end? The other big question is why has Kim remained single since her relationship with Drew, and why has Oscar not had a father figure? Could Kim have been loyal to her alleged marriage vows, why else would she have avoided men in her life?

If Drew and Kim are already married, it would certainly explain some of the gaping holes in Kim’s story. General Hospital spoilers tease that the Drew and Sam storyline is about to explode in a major way, so much so that it will cause Sam to second-guess the man she loves.