WWE Rumors: Major Finisher Banned After Causing Serious Injuries

Although the WWE Universe was exposed by the “Go to Sleep” by CM Punk during his WWE career, Hideo Itami actually invented the finisher. Punk always gave him the credit for the move, but it’s really special for the WWE Universe to see the move performed by its creator. Unfortunately, Itami may have performed his last GTS inside a WWE ring after the finisher injured Brian Kendrick during the Christmas edition of Raw.

It’s being reported that Kendrick suffered a fractured nose and orbital bone as a result of the finisher from Itami on Raw. Nigel McGuinness announced on 205 Live last night that he’s expected to miss two months of action. Hideo Itami has proven how dangerous the GTS is on WWE television, which could have added a ton of heat on him if WWE officials had allowed him to continue to use it. However, that won’t be the case.

According to WrestlingNews.co, it’s extremely likely that WWE officials immediately banned Hideo Itami from using the “Go to Sleep” finisher following Brian Kendrick’s injury. Last night on 205 Live, Itami beat Jack Gallagher with the “Rings of Saturn” submission hold that Neville was using months ago. It’s possible that Hideo could use the GTS again during special occasions, but it seems he’s done using it as his finisher.

Hideo Itamis GTS Has Been Banned Which Could Be a Career Killer
‘Hideo Itami’s WWE future is in question now that the GTS has been banned.’

Hideo Itami has been teasing a major heel turn for several months. WWE officials have been featuring him on Monday Night Raw to promote him as a huge star, but that could change after this week. On paper, the GTS was familiar to the WWE Universe because most fans saw Punk perform it for several years. However, WWE banning Hideo’s own move takes away the biggest things that made him stand out to the audience.

WWE officials have given Itami a major push since his move to 205 Live, but a lot of his appeal was having one of the coolest new finishers on the roster. Not to mention, Hideo could have some backstage heat after injuring Brian Kendrick. The entire situation could mean the end of Itami’s push on WWE television. There were rumors about Hideo leaving the company once his WWE contract expires. With the GTS now banned by WWE officials, Itami’s exit could just be a matter of time unless he finds another reason to stay in WWE.

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