‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Peter Shows True Colors, Heartbroken Kiki Pitted Against Scheming Nelle

General Hospital spoilers tease Peter will slowly show more interest in Drew and Sam’s affairs. Peter will play a huge role in the future of Aurora Media, this makes him indispensable for Dream team. Thanks to his encouragement, Lulu will have more accomplishments under her belt.

Mysterious Characters

Peter is bent on finding ways to give owners a profitable return. However, he may have other goals aside from that. General Hospital spoilers tease Peter will prove to be the shady character he seems to be. He will have goals other than providing significant returns for the media company although he will keep his plans to himself, at least for now.

The ornament seems to be on an executive’s desk, and Peter may know something more than he lets on. General Hospital spoilers revealed he will play a huge role in Drew and Sam’s life. Of course, being part of Aurora Media counts, but it may also be because of another reason.

Lulu proved to be a huge asset as an investigative journalist. She will start pursuing another lead soon, and this might put her life in danger. General Hospital spoilers hint this story might involve the twins, the manuscript, and the identity of the traitor. Spoilers tease Peter might be in cahoots with the mastermind, but there’s also a chance that he will try to push Lulu to work on the story and steal it. Peter is a man of many secrets, and it’s just a matter of time before he reveals what he is after. Whatever it may be, it will definitely involve Drew and Jason.

New Enemies

General Hospital spoilers reveal the year 2018 will have challenging tasks for Nelle (Chloe Lanier). Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry suggest Nelle might have an altercation with Kiki. Kiki will be heartbroken during the holidays since Dillon can’t make it back in town, but she will make huge improvements in her quest to be a doctor.

Kiki might need to make a huge choice soon. Dillon will not return to the canvas anytime soon, and she might receive a call from Dillon informing her he can’t make it back to Port Charles. If this happens, Kiki needs to decide if she can abandon her plans, and go after the man she loves. Kiki will most likely be in a bad position given the challenges she has to face in the upcoming weeks.

General Hospital spoilers tease Ava will take Nelle under her wing, and this might cause a rift between Kiki and Nelle. Ava might find she has a lot of things in common, and Nelle might drag her down to her shady world.