‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 122 Spoilers: U7 Vs U11, The Final Battle Begins!

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super featured the erasure of the eight universes, leaving Universe 7 and Universe 11 as the last two teams standing in the battle royal arena. The upcoming episode will show the final showdown in the Tournament of Power, including exciting matchups between the strongest fighters in the world. Will Son Goku and his friends defeat the Jiren-led Pride Troopers?

Universe 7 has been the most targeted since the Tournament of Power started. In the previous episode, they fought against Universe 3’s giant monster, Anilaza. The battle cost them Android 17, but they still managed to find the enemy’s weakness and win. After the erasure of Universe 3, Universe 7 will be dealing with Universe 11 for the final battle in the tournament.

As shown in the preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 122, Son Goku and Vegeta will face Jiren at their Super Saiyan Blue state. As everyone knows, the Blue form stands no chance against the mortal stronger than a God of Destruction. At first, it’s very noticeable that Jiren isn’t paying attention to Vegeta and remained focused on his battle with Son Goku.

However, after Son Goku goes down, the Saiyan Prince is left with no choice but the face the enemy alone. Even without using Ultra Instinct, Vegeta surprisingly gives Jiren a tough fight and lands clean hits. According to the spoiler posted by Todd Blankenship, Vegeta will challenge himself to be the strongest in the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super.

Another matchup that will be featured in Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 is the fight between Frieza and Dyspo. After being annoyed by the enemy’s strategy, Frieza will decide to make him his next target. Dyspo is the type of fighter who relies on his speed. Knowing how Frieza defeated Jimeze who used Instant Transmission, he would also find a way to eliminate the Pride Trooper.

As Son Goku and Vegeta face Jiren and Frieza engages with Dyspo, Son Gohan and Android 17 are expected to deal with Universe 11’s second fiddle, Toppo. According to Otakukart, Son Gohan will be the only one dealing with Toppo, hinting the possibility that Android 17 dropped out earlier in the battle. Toppo won’t be an easy opponent for Son Gohan. He’s currently being trained as the next God of Destruction of Universe 11, and his power rivals Son Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue combined with Kaio Ken.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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