Demi Moore’s Three Daughters Pose In Bikinis, Tallulah Willis Has Special Message For Haters

Demi Moore’s daughters, Rumer Willis, Scout Willis, and Tallulah Willis, posed in their bikinis for photos taken in snowy Idaho. The images were posted to Instagram by Tallulah on Christmas Day. The images are getting a lot of attention on social media as the three daughters of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis wish everyone a Merry Christmas in the wintry scene.

Rumer, 29, Scout, 26, and Tallulah, 23, flaunted their envious figures in two-piece bikinis in freezing cold temperatures. A photo featuring all three of Demi and Bruce’s daughters was captioned “tag yrself; I’m a Rumer.” The second photo featured Tallulah braving the frigid cold by dipping into a river. She added a caption targeted especially to the mean-spirited critics who had nothing but hateful comments about her looks. She wrote, “dedicated to everyone who called me ugly at 13.” Both images can be seen below.

TMZ picked up the bikini shoot story that had Tallulah Willis calling out all of those haters who once called her “ugly” when she was just 13-years-old. She was bullied by so many people when she was young, telling Katie Couric three years ago after her stint in rehab, “I had people when I was 13 telling me how ugly I was, and how could two beautiful actors create such hideous troll children?”

Most people who were bullied when they were young know what it’s like to strike back at their adversaries when they feel vindicated. It’s particularly hurtful for the children of celebrities who can’t escape the inevitable comparisons people make to their beautiful parents. The comments and barbs from haters cut deep. Tallulah Willis feels good about herself and is expressing her confidence as a young lady in spite of the brutal coldness she’s obviously equipped to take on.

Tallulah Willis also told Katie Couric in 2014 that a lot of people told her she inspired them and had also faced their issues of insecurity.

Tallulah and her two sisters sizzled in the bikini photo. The three ladies are slim, fit, and have small waists. Tallulah wore a red bikini and Scout had on a reddish top, and the bottom looked more like briefs as they were black and striped like a pair of pair slacks.

Last week, Tallulah, Rumer, and Scout posed in a bathtub appearing to have nothing on.

Their parents were married from 1987 until 2000. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughters remain close and stay active in the public eye.

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