Meghan Markle Pokes Out Tongue As Queen Fuels Feud By Honoring ‘Princess Cheeky’ Over Kate Middleton [Rumor]

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Meghan Markle outdid expectations when it came to stealing — and keeping — the spotlight during the royal family’s Christmas celebrations. With Prince Harry by her side, Meghan flaunted her role as the leading member of the royal family pack even before her wedding day. And as rumors of Markle’s feud with Kate Middleton continue to soar, Queen Elizabeth poured royal fuel on those allegations by honoring Meghan over Kate in her highly anticipated televised address.

But perhaps the most shocking aspect of Meghan’s Christmas with the royal family was an action that no one could have predicted. As fans eagerly watched after lining up early in the morning to see Prince Harry’s future wife in action, Markle was seen poking out her tongue in public, earning the nickname “Princess Cheeky” even before her future marriage to Prince Harry bestows a title upon her.

Meghan Markle Charms Fans, Who Lined Up Starting At 2 A.M.

The Mirror reported that Meghan has already charmed fans so much that they began lining up at 2 a.m. to see Prince Harry’s future wife. As the Inquisitr reported, the royal family’s Christmas celebration offered an opportunity to see the alleged feud between Kate Middleton and Markle play out in their fashion choices. Some fashion observers were horrified by Meghan’s hat, while Kate’s expensive coat scored big points.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry charmed fans at Christmas.Featured image credit: KGC-22STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images

But beyond fashion choices, the sight of Markle playfully poking out her tongue may have won for the royal sighting of the day. Rather than be horrified, however, as they were by Meghan’s hat, fans enjoyed seeing the playful, rather naughty side of Prince Harry’s future wife.

“Meghan Markle showed off her playful side by sticking out her tongue in front of adoring crowds as she joined the Royal Family at Sandringham. [She] was the star attraction at the Christmas Day gathering with hundreds of fans giving her the royal seal of approval.”

And it wasn’t just the adoring fans who enjoyed Markle’s cheeky side. Prince Harry was very much a presence as well. However, Harry caused heartbreak for some of the fans. After waiting hours in the cold to see Prince Harry and Meghan, they learned Harry would not take time to pose for pictures with fans.

Queen Elizabeth And Public Seem To Prefer Meghan Markle To Kate Middleton

Queen Elizabeth just added to the evidence of a feud between Kate and Meghan, with Middleton reportedly upset by signs that the queen prefers Markle. When Kate was Prince William’s girlfriend, she was not invited to royal family gatherings in the same way as Meghan. The UK newspaper pointed out the contrast.

“[Meghan Markle] became the first non-member of the royal family to join them for Christmas in a huge shift with normal tradition.”

But it’s not just the queen who is rumored to prefer Meghan to Kate. Members of the public told the newspaper that while Markle was warm and charming when they greeted her, members of the royal family showed a “lack of Christmas cheer” as they ignored fans and headed back to their warm royal mansion.

Meghan Markle Sticking Out Her Tongue Steals Spotlight

But beyond the queen’s alleged preference for Meghan, Markle’s decision to stick out her tongue seemed to be the highlight of the Christmas day for some royal observers. Whether it was intended as a playful way to scold those comparing her and Kate and fueling feud rumors or just a sign of her views on the serious tradition symbolic of the occasion, no one watching mistook her gesture for anything but a stick-out-your-tongue display, reported the Daily Mail, which dubbed her “Princess Cheeky.”

With pregnant Middleton by her side, the difference between serious Kate and playful Meghan was even more noticeable.

“Princess cheeky! Playful Meghan pokes out her TONGUE in front of adoring crowds as she and pregnant Kate stroll side-by-side.”

Markle and Prince Harry boosted the rumored favoritism that they received from the crowd as well as the queen with a kind gesture. When Meghan and Harry learned that an American couple became engaged as they waited to see the royal family, Markle and Harry made a point of taking time to personally congratulate the lovebirds.

As the Inquisitr reported, Queen Elizabeth reportedly has put Meghan on the “fast track” when it comes to accepting her into the royal family. The quick acceptance from the queen is rumored to have caused Kate Middleton to feel jealous of Markle, resulting in the feud.

Queen Elizabeth’s televised address added to the rumors of a feud over Meghan’s speedy infiltration of the royal family. The Sun reported that her speech was “yet another sign of just how quickly Meghan has been accepted.”

The queen even put an engagement photo of Markle and Harry beside her, making it visible in the background as she welcomed Meghan into the family. The address was seen as yet more evidence of the queen’s preference for Markle over Kate Middleton.