December 25, 2017
Trump Fired Two White House Staffers Who Didn't Get Him A Christmas Gift, According To Rogue WH Senior Advisor

A very popular Twitter account once reported that President Donald Trump allegedly asked for his White House staff to "thank him personally" for his "greatest accomplishments" after the GOP tax reform bill passed, as reported by the Inquisitr. The "Rogue WH Snr Advisor" Twitter account found at the handle @RogueSNRadvisor noted that President Trump made the request in a morning meeting, allegedly calling the tax bill "one of the greatest achievements by any President." Later that same day, on Wednesday, December 20, the world sat up and took notice as folks like Vice President Mike Pence went on to praise Trump, as reported by Washington Post.

Pence wasn't the only person to offer prolific praise to the president. Republicans lined up to give Trump "sycophantic compliments," as reported by Members of Trump's party stood outside at the White House event to offer thanks and four days later, the same Twitter account published explosive claims about what they claim happened when two White House employees didn't show enough kindness to their boss.

As seen in the below tweet published on Christmas Eve, the "Rogue WH Snr Advisor" account claims that Trump terminated two White House employees who did not give the president a Christmas present.

The Twitter account does not name the White House employees, nor does it give an indication whether they were lower-level staff or those closer to the president. However, the tweet's allegations are getting a big response on social media, with thousands of likes and retweets.

Internet sleuths are attempting to figure out whether recent departures from Trump's West Wing, as reported by Vanity Fair, are at all connected to the tweet. On Thursday, December 21, news of the departures of Rick Dearborn - Trump's deputy chief of staff - and Jeremy Katz - the deputy director of the National Economic Council - joined rumors of additional White House staffers who are expected to leave, according to Politico.

On Twitter, users are noting that it's a sad notion to think of the possibility of a person losing their job due to not giving a Christmas gift and even sadder that wild rumors cannot be summarily dismissed, given Trump's reputation as a president hailing from the reality TV world with the favorite tagline, "You're fired!"