Jill Duggar Wears Pants On Christmas Eve As Her Son Figures Out How To Take Phone Photos

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Jill Duggar just might enjoy wearing pants more than Jinger does. The younger Duggar was the first female member of the family to rock skinny jeans, but now Jill is rarely photographed wearing skirts or dresses. She spent Christmas Eve with her in-laws, and her holiday apparel included a pair of skinny jeans and festive socks.

On Sunday, Jill Duggar’s sister-in-law, Deena Dillard, shared a family photo on her Instagram page. It was taken at the home of Jill and Deena’s mother-in-law, Cathy. In the snapshot, Derick Dillard’s brother, Dan, has his arm around Deena, and Jill is holding baby Samuel while her husband stands behind her. A barefoot Israel made sure that he was front and center for the picture.

Jill Duggar was also shoe-less in the snapshot, but she was wearing bright red socks with her dark blue pants. She completed her Christmas Eve ensemble with a baggy gray sweater. Derick wore a dark green pullover, and Israel and Samuel wore matching checked shirts underneath gray vests.

While the little boys’ outfits may be stylish and adorable, Jill’s pants are surely what will be the talk of the Duggar fandom. As reported by In Touch Weekly, fans are “shocked and delighted” each time they see her rebelling against the Duggar family’s strict skirts-only dress code. Jinger Duggar did it first, but Jill is proving to be an even bigger pants fan by wearing them all the time.

Deena revealed that she and Dan wanted Cathy to take a few pictures of just the two of them on Christmas Eve, but Israel was having too much fun photo-bombing his aunt and uncle.

“Israel loves to be in pictures with ‘DanDeena,’ so when Cathy has DanDeena get together to take a picture, Israel jumps in between us and says, ‘cheeeeeeese,'” she wrote.

She included evidence of Israel’s antics in her Instagram slideshow of holiday photos.

Israel Dillard isn’t just mischievous when it comes to being in front of the camera; he’s also a sneaky little photographer. The toddler recently got his hands on his mother’s phone, and he attempted to take a picture of his younger brother chilling out in his baby bouncer seat. Jill Duggar shared her son’s handiwork on her Instagram page.

“When your two-year old gets ahold of your phone and decides to take pics of his little brother haha,” she wrote.

As you can see, Israel’s finger got in the way when he was taking the photo. However, many of Jill’s followers were impressed that Israel managed to get Samuel in the shot.

“Haha he’s just about got it down,” wrote one fan.

“A work in progress, not bad for a first photo! At least the subject is in the frame!” another remarked.

One of the Duggar daughter’s followers also expressed amazement that a photo of a finger managed to get over 25,000 likes. However, if Israel really wants to get some social media love, he should try snapping a picture of his mother wearing pants.