Meghan Markle’s Dog Recently Suffered A Serious Accident, Now Has Two Broken Legs

Andy Stenning Getty Images

In the midst of engagement photos with her new fiance Prince Harry and Christmas lunch with the Queen, Meghan Markle has had a serious emergency. Her rescue Beagle, Guy, had a serious accident and it has been reported that he suffered two broken legs, causing the future member of the royal family a lot of “anguish.”

According to the Daily Mail, there is no exact information on what occurred or details of an alleged accident with the dog. What they do know is that the accident occurred some time after Clarence House announced the happy news of their engagement, nearly a month ago.

Guy is in expert hands, which should relieve Meghan. What is also reported is that Guy is being treated by Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, a television “super vet” who is “renowned for his bionic surgery techniques.”

Irish-native Fitzpatrick was previously on the BBC documentary The Bionic Vet, and is currently on a television series called The Supervet.

According to MRCVS, he is in the Guinness World Book for being the very first veterinarian to attach prosthetics to Oscar the cat, who had lost two feet. Fitzpatrick attached bionic implants, changing Oscar’s life forever.

Meghan Markle has allegedly been going to the the veterinary clinic in Surray to see her cherished pet, accompanied by her devoted fiance Prince Harry.

Markle, who is set to marry Harry on May 19, is reportedly “distraught” and “very upset” over the situation.

The Inquisitr had previously reported that the Suits actress had to leave her other rescue dog, Bogart, a Labrador-Shephard mix in Canada, as he was deemed “too old” to travel overseas on a plane.

According to Markle, Bogart is now “living with friends” in Canada, and is doing well.

Meanwhile, Guy had come out to London sometime before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement. According to British law, Guy had to pass a physical exam, when he arrived to England, he had to be micro chipped and vaccinated. Thirty days after his arrival, he has to have a blood test.

Back when Meghan Markle was still on social media, she often posted many photos of her two “boys.” The two dogs lived a life of luxury, including eating special organic food, sleeping on the bed and wearing cute doggie clothes. When she was away from Toronto, she would FaceTime her pets.

At this time, Kensington Palace has not commented on the situation with Guy.