Apple Is Rumored To Sync iPhone And iPad Apps To Mac Computers

Apple devices can now grow together as one as iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers can start enjoying synchronized apps as early as next year.

Currently, app developers create games and applications separately for both the macOS and iOS. Since devices made for iOS are cheaper and is more popular with consumers, these developers focus on creating/updating content for iPhones and iPads. Mac applications are considered substandard and lack lots of updates. In fact, many find the Mac App store lacking content because of its limited applications. But thanks to Marzipan, the name of the project that Apple is working on to sync these devices, we could now see frequent updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other apps.

This will be a multiyear update which will start next year. However, the plan is still unstable and is subjected to changes and cancellations. According to Bloomberg, “Codenamed “Marzipan,” the secret project is planned as a multiyear effort that will start rolling out as early as next year and may be announced at the company’s annual developers conference in the summer. The plans are still fluid, the people said, so the implementation could change or the project could still be canceled.”

There are currently no clear plans for Apple as to whether or not they will merge the App stores of macOS and iOS. It is worth considering, however, that the macOS App store hasn’t been refreshed since 2o14 while the iOS App store was redesigned this year.

It was also communicated that there is a possibility that Apple could use custom A-series chips for its Mac computers. According to AppleInsider, “The report noted that Apple’s Mac hardware could one day run custom A-series chips, much like the iPhone and iPad. But it would appear that plans to allow iOS apps on the Mac will work with existing Mac hardware, powered by Intel processors.”

This move is geared towards Apple’s long-term goals to make its hardware and software devices similar. Unifying its apps is a start and there’s no doubt Apple might soon release its first Mac computer running on the same chip as the iPhone/iPad.

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