Donald Trump Christmas Spotlight Stolen By Daughter Tiffany Trump’s Legs, Sizzling Instagram & Racy Style

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Presidential Christmas celebrations have been an annual tradition for decades, with smiling families gathered together to honor the holidays in stately White House style. But Donald Trump has shown that he has a way of defying tradition, and this holiday he’s done it again, with help from First Daughter Tiffany Trump.

NPR pointed out that presidents of the past have tended to head to Camp David for the holidays. For example, George W. Bush was a celebrated fan of Camp David, visiting there more than 10 times for his Christmas vacation.

“Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton all spent Christmas at Camp David. But Donald Trump is spending the holiday at one of his own resorts.”

However, while Donald may have assumed that his Christmas at the resort would be the focus of holiday stories about the president, his daughter Tiffany Trump has succeeded in stealing his spotlight. Flaunting her long legs in impressively short shorts, Tiffany was seen relaxing during her visit to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, reported the Daily Mail.

Tiffany Trump Stars In Two Christmas Celebrations — Sorry, Donald

The daughter of Donald and Marla Maples, Trump’s second wife, wasn’t alone, however. A Secret Service officer was in charge of protecting Tiffany’s legs, walking close to Trump’s offspring. The 24-year-old traveled with Donald on Air Force One to the Palm Beach resort after celebrating Christmas with her mother, resulting in not just one, but two holiday celebrations in which she took center stage.


Tiffany and Marla held their own Christmas several days ago, giving the First Daughter time to recover and prepare for another holiday with Donald in Florida. In addition to celebrating the holiday with President Trump, Tiffany will visit with her half-siblings. The First Daughter’s stunning style took center stage. Prior to wearing those short shorts, Tiffany was wearing first a frock and then a romper.

“Tiffany Trump [arrived] at Mar-a-Lago with a Secret Service agent in tow, and she quickly changed out of her white dress and put on a short, black romper to walk around the grounds and soak up the sun.”

Photographers have captured Tiffany’s sizzling style and famous legs as she joined President Trump to celebrate the holidays.

Tiffany Trump has stunned observers with her fondness for flaunting her legs in short styles.
TrumpFeatured image credit: Jacquelyn MartinAP Images

The First Daughter also has a thriving social media platform after sharing some stunning photos on Instagram. In one picture that Tiffany posted, the official White House photo looked like a supermodel competition, with the First Daughter standing next to Ivanka Trump.

The First Daughter praised the event as a “lovely night at the annual National Christmas Tree Lighting!”

Although Tiffany’s long legs in that romper stole the Christmas spotlight at Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, the First Daughter has taken advantage of other opportunities to show off her figure as well, both on social media and by her presidential father’s side. Her mother Marla famously worked as a supermodel, and Tiffany seems to have inherited those model genes and ability to pose to look fabulous.

Hollywood Life pointed out the First Daughter’s ability to steal the Christmas spotlight from President Trump. Although Tiffany is busy studying law at Georgetown University, the First Daughter decided to take some time off for the holidays. And while law is her field of interest, Tiffany hasn’t neglected studying how to look fabulous in the perfect styles for showcasing her legs.

“Tiffany Trump, 24, knows how to highlight her amazing legs! She was spied rocking a short black jumpsuit that effortlessly showcased her incredible stems!”

When Tiffany isn’t basking in the sun in shorts weather, she still manages to show off her legs. During a White House Christmas tree lighting ceremony, the First Daughter stunned by wearing a mini skirt. Although Tiffany stayed warm in a cozy coat, those attending the ceremony could still catch a glimpse of those famous legs.