Huge Backstage News About Randy Orton’s Current Role With WWE


A year ago, Randy Orton was working alongside Bray Wyatt as a member of The Wyatt Family, which led to him winning the Royal Rumble match and the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 33. In many ways, it was a career resurgence for The Viper. Eventually, Orton worked a program with Jinder Mahal and lost the WWE Title to him before returning to SmackDown Live’s mid-card without much to do on WWE television.

The powers that be have done a good job keeping Randy Orton busy on WWE programming over the year, but a lot of people were expecting him to receive a “Roman Reigns” push on SmackDown Live earlier in the year. Instead, Orton has spent most of 2017 helping other talent get over or working with guys like Rusev in a mid-card feud that doesn’t end up helping anymore. On paper, some fans would expect Randy Orton to be furious with his current position in the company, but it turns out that he’s happy in his position right now.

According to CageSideSeats,Orton is extremely happy with his current role with WWE because he’s been received a ton of time off to be with his family and stay healthy. Meanwhile, he’s also being well booked on television over the past several months. Apparently, Orton will have a lot of time off on “The Road to WrestleMania,” which strongly suggests that WWE officials aren’t planning anything groundbreaking for him at the event.

Randy Orton is Getting a Roman Reigns Style Push
'A lot of fans feel that Randy Orton is floating along as a babyface.'Featured image credit: WWE

Recently, Randy Orton’s schedule with the company has become much lighter and he’s never had an issue putting over someone in the ring. He’s become a more involved family man over the years, and it seems his WWE schedule reflects that his priorities have changed. Some WWE fans might want to see The Viper do a lot more on WWE television than he is right now, but it seems he’s giving the bright lights to someone new.

Orton has expressed an interest in acting and has been growing out his hair after a recent surgery. There’s a strong possibility that WWE’s Apex Predator is starting to hit the brake on his wrestling career. His limited schedule could actually keep him wrestling longer, but only time will tell when Randy Orton wants to hang up his boots. For now, Orton has been enjoying his family life and wrestling on SmackDown Live. It’s only a matter of time before The Viper slithers his way into another big feud, but he doesn’t seem to be in a rush.