Amir Khan Would Fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. In The Jungle

Former boxing champion Amir Khan has called out Floyd Mayweather Jr., in a way, as he still wants a fight with him. Khan, who was a participant in the popular UK reality show I'm a Celebrity..Get Me Out of Here! recently spoke of how he wished he could have had a fight with "Money" Mayweather. That still might be a possibility but it seems there could be a long line of contenders right now hoping the former champion comes out of retirement to fight. Still, Khan has reminisced about his time in the jungle during his reality show appearance and how it would've been great to have a certain boxer there with him.

The British boxer Amir Khan is currently 31-4 with 19 wins by knockout. He's never had a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. during his illustrious career, but it's something that's always on the wish list of the biggest stars in boxing. For Khan, it's been on his wish list since 2011 and it still is. Per a report from Boxing Scene, Khan said he would have loved to have Mayweather in the jungle. That was part of the recent I'm a Celebrity competition survival show Khan appeared on. During his time in the jungle, he accidentally grabbed a snake thinking it was a key.

amir khan wants floyd mayweather jr fight in jungle
Boxer Amir Khan still wants a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. but there's a long line forming.

The snake incident spooked Khan, but in his recent comments, he compared himself to a snake chasing Mayweather for a fight.

"I've been chasing that guy like how the snake was chasing me. I'd love to have that guy in the Jungle with me, I would not let him go anywhere. You have to fight me now."
It was the 17th season of I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! that Khan participated in as he ended up finishing in fifth place. The show features various celebrities from different areas having to live in "jungle conditions" which provide some less-than-desirable situations. That included Khan's interaction with the snake. It certainly would be interesting to see how Floyd Mayweather, a man known for loving to live the good life, would do in those situations. Khan feels it would give them an opportunity to fight, or he could at least taunt him enough into one with a better payout.
Mayweather was previously out of action for about two years before taking on the high-priced fight against UFC star Conor McGregor. Floyd won that in 10 rounds at T-Mobile Arena in Vegas due to the referee stopping the fight. It's now brought on new rumors of Conor McGregor wanting a rematch with possibly Floyd heading over to McGregor's world of mixed martial arts. So far there are no official reports that either will happen. Mayweather has never trained in the MMA world, which many stars from that particular sport feel would put him at a major disadvantage.

As far as Amir Khan he's been out of the ring for well over a year now. The 31-year-old last fought against Canelo Alvarez in May of 2016 and lost via knockout in the sixth round. Reports indicate that Khan could make a return to the boxing ring sometime in early 2018, but as far as his opponent goes, it probably won't be Floyd Mayweather Jr. "Money" has plenty of others already lining up to fight whether in the world of boxing or now mixed martial arts.