Kim Kardashian Tells Kanye West To Make 3 Changes To Avoid Divorce: Diet, Diapers, & ‘Sex Life’ [Rumor]

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West repeatedly have faced rumors that they are getting closer to divorce. As the Inquisitr reported, a recent story making the rounds claimed that allegedly “manic” Kanye had mood swings, pushing Kim to the point of vowing to raise their third baby solo and to file for what is anticipated to be a $1 billion divorce. But as Kardashian prepares her children, North and Saint, to start listening for Santa Claus’ reindeer delivering presents to good little kids, she reportedly also is preparing West with an ultimatum. The list describes changes that Kanye reportedly needs to make in order to Keep Up With the Kardashians (KUWTK) clan and avoid divorce.

Kim Kardashian’s New Year’s Resolutions For Kanye West

Amid decorating the tree with tinsel and baking sugar cookies, Kim is creating a scheme for how to hold her allegedly crumbling marriage together. An insider told Hollywood Life that despite the soaring divorce rumors, Kardashian wants to stay with West by making some changes as the new baby enters their KUWTK household.

Kim is aware that her family can be somewhat overwhelming at times. Kris Jenner is known as a powerhouse matriarch, pushing everyone in every direction, from getting more publicity to creating more product ideas. Khloe Kardashian is known for her sarcastic wit, while Kourtney Kardashian always has her own opinion to share.

Add in Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and it’s not surprising that Kim reportedly is admitting that her family can be intense for Kanye. But despite that, Kardashian wants West to spend more time with her family in 2018. The source revealed that Kim gave Kanye an ultimatum to put in the hours with the KUWTK clan or risk a split.

“[Kim Kardashian] knows [her family] can be intense… But if he wants to really make her happy, he’ll put in more time next year.”

Kardashian has been generous up to now with West when it comes to letting him avoid spending time with her sisters, according to the insider. But reportedly after coming close to divorce, Kim feels it’s time to set new rules for family time.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly on the verge of divorce, but Kim has come up with some ways to save their marriage.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly on the verge of divorce, but Kim has come up with some ways to save their marriage.Featured image credit: KGC-195STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images

In addition to seeing Kanye visiting more with Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall, and Kris, Kardashian reportedly wants Kanye to help her brother Rob Kardashian. Kim reportedly is “pushing” West to visit with Rob.

Kim Kardashian Puts Kanye West On Paleo Diet

Rumors about Kanye’s weight gain soared in October, along with reports that Kardashian had ordered West to exercise and follow a Paleo weight loss diet, as reported by the Inquisitr. Even though it is the season for Christmas cookies and candy, Kim reportedly is pushing Kanye to win the battle of the bulge and improve his diet even more, according to the source.

Kardashian reportedly is determined to see West get in “killer shape.” Eating right and exercising are proven ways to feel better physically and mentally, and Kim wants those benefits for Kanye, added the insider.

“[Kim Kardashian] knows [Kanye West] feels better when he’s in his best shape and she’s pushing him to get there….He is dieting and working out every day [to] live up to her high standards.”

Kardashian is aware of what it takes to get in shape. After getting fat-shamed for her bikini body, Kim focused on becoming a celebrity weight loss winner, using the ketogenic diet to shed 70 pounds, as the Inquisitr described.

Kanye West Goes On Diaper Duty — In Between Bedroom Bouts

In addition to dieting and spending more time with Kardashian’s family, Kanye has gotten marching orders from Kim to head to the diaper pail and the bedroom (not necessarily in that order). With their third baby arriving soon via surrogate, Kardashian reportedly is not looking forward to a new round of changing stinky diapers.

When the new baby arrives, Kim reportedly wants Kanye to take on daddy duty, from changing diapers to cuddling the crying infant. Kardashian views West as a good father, but she wants him to take his parenting skills to the next level in 2018, according to the source. In the past months, Kanye hasn’t been there as much as she wants for the family, and she wants that to change.

It’s not just the children who need West’s time, however. The insider also revealed that Kim wants Kanye to improve their sex life.

“Kim wants more sex in 2018. Their sex life really suffered this past year.”

Kardashian has sought not to pressure West in their bedroom, according to the source. But although Kim reportedly has been patient, her ultimatum to Kanye on how to change to avoid divorce emphasizes changes in their sex life.

“She wants the intimacy and spark back in their relationship and she’s putting pressure on Kanye to make it happen,” added the insider.