Xur Brings ‘Destiny 2’ Players Campaign Exotics For Christmas


Did Xur bring a lump of coal to Destiny 2 players? The mysterious vendor has returned for the weekend before Christmas, and PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players will find the same Exotics they can obtain from playing the campaign.

While the old campaign Exotics are disappointing, don’t forget the Fated Engram from Xur. This is the second week the item has been in his inventory and it guarantees a Destiny 2 Exotic not already possessed. Players should also consider skipping the Three of Coins for now. Bungie is investigating an issue with the Three of Coins that affects Strikes.

Xur has returned to “The Rig” on Titan to plant his shop in the usual small cubby hole. As always, Destiny 2 places a marker on the Titan map that shows his location. Simply select the marker and then fast travel to the area and follow the waypoint.

The Power Level of all Xur’s Exotics scales according to the Guardian’s current Power Level. The max Power Level has been moved up to 305 with the release of Curse of Osiris. You’ll need to Infuse the items to make them any more powerful.

Destiny 2 players will have until the weekly reset on Tuesday, December 26 to pick up this slate of exotics from Xur. This now occurs at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT following the release of Curse of Osiris.


The Riskrunner Exotic Submachine Gun in Destiny 2.
Featured image credit: Bungie/Activision

This Exotic submachine gun is one of those that can be chosen during the course of the campaign. Buying it from Xur offers the chance of an upgrade if you haven’t been able to upgrade it so far or just a chance to obtain one if you missed the Riskrunner. It’s a fun gun to use as the Arc Conductor intrinsic perk will make the weapon more powerful as the player takes Arc damage. Additionally, the Superconductor perk will cause lightning to chain through enemies while the Arc Conductor perk is active.

Doom Fang Pauldron

The Doom Fang Pauldron Exotic Gauntlets in Destiny 2.
Featured image credit: Bungie/Activision

The Doom Fang Pauldron gauntlets for Sentinel Titans is easy to spot piece thanks to the giant horns coming down from the shoulders. The “Horns of Doom” intrinsic perk recharges the subclasses Shield Throw with melee kills, plus it also recharges the Sentinel Super Shield.

Lucky Pants

The Lucky Pants Exotic Hunter Boots in Destiny 2.
Featured image credit: Bungie/Activision

These are an incredibly situational set of Exotic boots in Destiny 2. The “Illegally Modded Holster” perk increases Hand Cannon ready speed and initial accuracy. This makes Lucky Pants mostly useful for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, but PC players don’t gain that big of an advantage as Hand Cannons are already pretty accurate on that platform. Pick it up for the collection as players usually equip a different Exotic for combat.

Wings of Sacred Dawn

The Wings of Sacred Dawn Warlock Exotic Chest Armor in Destiny 2.
Featured image credit: Bungie/Activision

Dawnblade Warlocks who didn’t pick the Wings of Sacred Dawn up during the Destiny 2 campaign should get a kick out of this Exotic Chest Armor piece. The “Tome of Dawn” allows the players to hang in midair while aiming long enough to surprise opponents from above. Not a particularly powerful Exotic but something unique that lends itself to certain play styles.