Director David Ayer Responds To Negative ‘Bright’ Review In The Best Way Possible

Bryan BedderGetty Images

Reviews are coming in for Netflix’s new original movie, Bright, which is supposed to be the answer to the Hollywood Blockbuster, and while many of the reviews that have come in are leaning toward the negative, director David Ayer seems to be taking things in stride. In fact, after one particularly bad review for Bright was posted to Twitter, which called the film “the worst movie of 2017,” the director actually responded to the reviewer in what is perhaps the best possible way.

As Screen Rant reported, one critic posted a review of Bright which criticized the movie for everything from its dialogue to its storyline while giving the film a solid F for a grade. However, while some people in the film industry might be upset by a review such as this, it seems that David Ayer is not one of those people. As the director of the rather polarizing Suicide Squad, he is familiar with negative reviews and had no problem admitting when he had made a mistake in a film, such as when he told his Twitter followers that he should have used the Joker differently. When it comes to the reviews for Bright, however, it seems that the movie isn’t polarizing, so much as it is not well-liked by many of the critics.


After reading the review and the accompanying tweet about how bad the critic felt about Bright, David Ayer responded by saying that this particular review was “going on my fridge.” The director said that the “highest compliment is a strong reaction either way,” before calling the review itself epic and letting the critic know that he has a way with words. In fact, Ayer even told the critic that if he ever wrote a script, he should send it his way.

After receiving a response back from the reviewer, in which the other man told David Ayer that he would be waiting for his next movie with “fresh eyes,” the director continued by saying that for him, “every movie is a labor of love.” While Ayer had no problem appreciating the negative review of Bright for what it is, an opinion, the director made it clear that he knows how polarizing his work can be, and he does not really have any plans to change the way he works on films.

With Bright set to begin streaming on Netflix as of December 22, audiences will get the chance to see for themselves if David Ayer’s latest film is, in fact, “the worst movie” of the year.