‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards Reluctance To Take A Drug Test Is Causing His Parents Even More Pain

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Ryan Edwards has been through a lot over the past year. From his stint in rehab to tying the knot twice with the same woman, Ryan is trying hard to put his best foot forward. His efforts, however, aren’t paying off. In the latest Teen Mom development, Ryan refused to take a drug test, further widening the gap between him and Maci Bookout and possibly igniting a nasty custody battle over their son, Bentley.

Ryan Refuses To Take A Drug Test

The Hollywood Gossip reports that Ryan finished a short rehab program this summer to help deal with his addictions to prescription drugs and heroin. Although he has been sober for a few months, Bookout is making him undergo drug testing until she regains his trust. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse in the latest installment of Teen Mom 2.

While Bentley was spending time with his dad on Father’s Day, Ryan expressed reluctance to continue the drug tests and threatened to take Bookout to court. Although Bookout was shaken by the encounter, she isn’t the only one concerned about Ryan’s behavior.

Ryan’s Parents Open Up About His Addiction

Ryan Edwards mom and dad, Jen and Larry, have been very supportive of him and Bentley over the years. In the latest Teen Mom episode, Starcasm reports that Larry opened up about Ryan’s sobriety and what the future may hold for the reality star.


Larry admitted that his relationship with Ryan is a lot better now that he isn’t doing drugs and that he can understand what he says on the phone. While Ryan’s stay in rehab was a difficult experience, Larry couldn’t be happier about things turned out.

“And for the thirty days he was in rehab, it was the best I’ve ever felt because I knew he was gonna be OK,” Larry explained. “I knew that I wasn’t going to get a call, and somebody tell me that I needed to come to the hospital, or whatever.”

Will Ryan And Bookout Work Things Out?

Based on Ryan’s history of drug use, it is completely understandable that Bookout is making him undergo tests before he spends time with Bentley. After all, Bentley’s safety is the top priority. That said, many fans expressed their concerns that Bookout is too hard on Edwards by not rewarding him for his improvements.

In fact, Ryan’s parents look at his fighting with Bookout as a major trigger that could initiate a relapse. For Larry and Jen, watching their son go through so much drama over Bentley is hard to watch, and they fear every day that something will push him over the edge.


Although Ryan’s struggles with addiction may not be over, Larry firmly believes that his son would do anything for Bentley. Ryan has missed out on a lot of things when it comes to Bentley’s life, but Larry knows that he loves Bentley very much. There’s no telling what will happen to Ryan moving forward, but fans can rest assured that his parents will always support him. We can only hope that Ryan Edwards and Maci Bookout can work something out before things get worse.