‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Out Of Control Carly Sabotages Drew On New Year’s Eve

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New General Hospital spoilers tease that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) goes too far in her schemes, and she’s about to alienate most of Port Charles because of her meddling. Carly has been steamrolling Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) lately and trying to force her to dump Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and reunite with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Carly is certain that Sam is only staying with Drew out of a misguided sense of loyalty and not true love, but Carly is wrong. She doesn’t know what goes on behind closed doors with Sam and Drew, but viewers do. Sam’s proposal to Drew was genuine and heartfelt.

Carly Snaps When She Discovers Engagement

The latest GH spoilers from this week’s soap magazines reveal that Carly reacts badly to the news of Sam and Drew’s engagement. This week’s General Hospital episodes showed that Sam dropped to one knee and proposed to Drew even after he offered her an out on their marriage. Sam showed her commitment and asked him to make her Mrs. Drew Cain. Drew accepted, and he’ll soon put a brand new ring on her finger that has no association with her past with his twin brother, Jason.

When Carly sees the ring and hears what happened, she will flip out, according to new General Hospital spoilers. The bottom line is that Carly thinks she knows what Sam needs more than Sam herself knows. Carly is coloring way outside the lines with her next scheme when she decides to set Jason and Sam up for a romantic encounter while she gets Drew out of the way. Even though Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is rooting for Sam and Jason, even he will think Carly goes too far.


Drew’s New Year’s Eve Car Trouble

Spoilers hint that Carly has it in her mind that if she can get Sam and Jason alone and in a romantic setting, their spark will rekindle. She’s certain that it will be like a fairytale, and if Jason and Sam share one kiss, Carly thinks all the love will come flooding back. Carly might be right (or she might be totally wrong), but the way she goes about making this scene happen is shady. Carly will have Drew’s car rigged to break down, according to General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central for next week.

Drew was on his way to meet Sam, but then Carly’s plan puts him in the middle of nowhere and leaves Sam all alone and vulnerable. From there, it’s a simple matter for Carly to put Jason into Sam’s path and hope that the two feel the love and reunite. Spoilers promise that Jason notices that Sam is wearing a new ring when he brings some Christmas presents to the penthouse for Danny Morgan (TK Weaver). Sam tells Jason that she is marrying Drew and he’s hurt but wishes her the best.


Will Sam Fall Prey To Temptation?

There are conflicting General Hospital spoilers about whether Sam and Jason will share a New Year’s kiss. If they do and Drew shows up in time to see it, things could get ugly fast. For now, though, it seems that Sam is still head over heels in love with Drew and is putting Jason in her rearview and considers him her past, not her future. But could one kiss change things for JaSam? One thing is certain in all of this. No matter the outcome, all three will be furious at Carly for her shenanigans.

Drew feels betrayed at how Carly’s treating him. Jason will be upset that Carly messed with his brother and manipulated Sam. Stone Cold knows that forcing Sam to get with him won’t work. But Carly is a hammer and sees every problem as a nail. Finally, Sam will be furious that Carly potentially puts Drew in harm’s way by messing with his car and that Carly isn’t respecting Sam’s life choices. Watch the ABC soap next week to see how all this plays out, and come back for more General Hospital spoilers.