Duchess of Cambridge Latest News: Princess Kate And Prince William’s Christmas Card Has Weird Mistake

Christian Charisius/Pool PhotoAP Images

The Duchess of Cambridge, or Princess Kate, as she’s more informally known, is definitely one of the most popular and beloved members of the Royal Family. And her husband, the future King of England, Prince William, is also well-liked. What’s more, the family’s two little children (with a third on the way) are the toast of British royal-watchers.

With that in mind, you’d think the family’s official Christmas card would be a big hit with the British public, and it is, for the most part. Some observers, however, have noticed a slight problem with the photo.

The family is decked out in blue, not unlike 2015’s Christmas card where everyone but Princess Charlotte wore some shade of blue, and Charlotte wore pink. This year, Charlotte, now able to stand, is wearing a baby-blue dress and blue shoes. Her brother, Prince George, who will likely one day succeed his father as King of England, is dressed in a schoolboy outfit, also blue, while the kids’ parents rock blue outfits themselves. In fact, Kate’s outfit, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, is an outfit she’s worn before, which is a fashion choice that, a generation ago, would have been unthinkable in the Royal Family.

Other than Kate’s recycled dress and William’s balding head, which is something that he’s been dealing with since he was about 16, there’s another problem with the card. Kate’s right arm is missing.

OK, so it’s not missing, but it is hidden behind her husband’s back. But Twitter users were hoping the royal photographer could have done a little better.

One Twitter user even started a tongue-in-cheek petition to “recover Kate Middleton’s lost arm.”

This is not the first time the Cambridge’s official Christmas Card seemed a little off to viewers. As Buzzfeed reported in 2015, something about Princess Charlotte didn’t sit well with Twitter users, leading some to suggest that perhaps Charlotte, an infant at the time, wasn’t living her best life during the photo shoot, and the photographer might have used an image of her face in happier times and photoshopped it in.

Either way, it seems like the Royal Family can’t release a photo without somebody finding something wrong with it.