‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Season 36 Details Emerge, What Can Viewers Expect From The Spring 2018 Offering?

The Season 35 Survivor airs Wednesday night and people are already buzzing about the next outing coming this spring. Viewers should get a sneak peek toward the end of the December 20 Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers finale, but a few Survivor spoilers regarding Season 36 have already emerged. What can everybody expect?

Survivor spoiler guru Martin Holmes, who goes by the moniker “Redmond” on many social media sites, shared via his site Inside Survivor that Season 36 will be titled Survivor: Ghost Island or something along those lines. This competition was once again filmed in Fiji and the battle concluded last summer.

Spoilers indicate that there is an all-new cast of castaways coming up with this one, with reports detailing that 20 young contestants will be facing off to outwit, outplay, and outlast one another. There seemingly is no big twist or theme that dictates how the tribes are split, and Inside Survivor details that there will be just two tribes, Malolo and Naviti.

Naviti is said to consist of Angela Perkins, Bradley Kleihege, Chelsea Townsend, Chris Noble, Desiree “Des London” Afuye, Domenick Abbate, Kellyn Bechtold, Morgan Ricke, Sebastian Noel, and Wendell Holland. The Malolo tribe includes Brendan Shapiro, Donathan Hurley, Jacob Derwin, James Lim, Jenna Bowman, Laurel Johnson, Libby Vincek, Michael Yerger, Stephanie “Stephy” Gonzalez, and Stephanie Johnson. Derwin happens to be a writer at the Inside Survivor site, and Perkins is the oldest competitor this spring at the age of 43.

What is this “Ghost Island” theme going to mean for the castaways? Redmond says that this one is similar to Exile Island from seasons’ past, but with a twist, and less like Redemption Island. He detailed spoilers via Survivor Sucks that this is a separate spot where players will go for short periods of time, and supposedly no eliminated or former players will be there.

Over on Reddit, there has been plenty of speculation regarding the boot order and finalists for Survivor: Ghost Island. It doesn’t look as if any truly confirmed Survivor spoilers have emerged on this front as of yet, but viewers may want to keep a close eye on Stephanie, Domenick, Des, and Sebastian in particular.

Apparently, romance will blossom throughout this competition in Fiji, as two or three couples seemingly form and it looks like there may be some lasting potential within this trio of romances. Survivor spoilers from Reddit share that Kellyn and Bradley are apparently a couple, and Jenna and Sebastian are a pair too. So far, the third combination remains under wraps.

Just who will manage to win Season 36 of Survivor: Ghost Island? Spoilers hint that it could be an intense and buzzworthy season and the action kicks into gear on CBS on February 28.

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