Prince George And Princess Charlotte Want Santa To Give Them These Cute Gifts For Christmas

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Prince William and Kate Middleton have been very vocal about their strict parenting style toward Prince George and Princess Charlotte. However, just like any other child, the Prince and Princess of Cambridge are looking forward to receiving gifts from Father Christmas for the coming holidays. What do the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s kids want this Christmas?

Princess Charlotte and Prince George may seem like they can have anything they want in the snap of their fingers, but their wishes reveal that they are only asking for something simple this Christmas. According to the Daily Star, 4-year-old Prince George’s Christmas wish list includes a rescue toy helicopter.

Prince George’s wish to own a rescue toy helicopter reportedly reflects his desire to become like his father, Prince William, who has been flying various types of aircrafts. The insider told the publication that Prince George’s inclination for helicopters began after he experienced flying on a real helicopter in Germany for his birthday.

Princess Charlotte, on the other hand, has reportedly asked Father Christmas for a mini version of her mother, Kate’s pram. Many followers of the royal family have been commenting on the 2-year-old’s outfits, which is being likened to Kate’s fashion sense.

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the Buckingham Palace
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Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s Christmas wish list may seem quite simple for two monarchs, but their wishes definitely show their admiration for their parents, as both toys reflect Kate and Prince William’s influence toward their children. In an earlier report, Us Weekly notes that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are extremely careful when it comes to giving toys to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Prince William and Kate reportedly do not want to “overindulge” their children by lavishing them with too many toys and gifts. Instead of doing so, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wish to focus on highlighting the importance of celebrating and enjoying the holidays together as a family.

Many people have been commending Kate and Prince William’s parenting styles, as they have been very vocal about their desire to see their children grow up to become responsible adults. Prince William said in an earlier statement that Prince George will most likely get his wish granted, as he has been a good boy this year; it remains to be seen, however, whether Princess Charlotte will receive her mini pram this Christmas.