It Looks Like Disney Built Hillary Clinton For The Hall Of Presidents Then Repurposed It To Look Like Trump

Oliver Contreras-PoolGetty Images

It sure looks like Disney was banking on Hillary Clinton to win last November.

When Walt Disney World unveiled Trump’s animatronic figure at the Hall of Presidents, many on the internet were quick to notice its likeness to the Democratic candidate Trump defeated in one of the most shocking results in recent election history. Though the exhibit is currently closed for maintenance, Disney released some images of the new Trump figure this week and it stirred some immediate controversy.

The first thing that stood out to many people was the decided lack of likeness to Donald Trump. Some people decided that it looked more like actor Jon Voight, others gawked at Disney deciding to replicate Trump’s way-too-long tie, but most noted the likeness to Hillary Clinton.

The neck and face of the animatronic president looked nearly identical to Clinton, leading many to believe that Disney had a Hillary figure all ready to go even before her loss in November, then made some last minute changes to add Trump’s face instead. A picture of the figure shot to the top spot on the image-sharing site Reddit, with commenters noting the eerie likeness to Clinton instead of Trump.

Even NPR mused that the figure seemed to look an awful lot like Hillary Clinton.

“Or — and we’re very, very sorry to keep bringing back the 2016 election, like we are all caught in some vicious space-time vortex, or like our reality exists inside a demented computer simulation currently experimenting with a rewind button — but…

“Doesn’t it kind of look like Hillary Clinton?”

As NPR noted, there was initially some speculation among Trump supporters that Disney would simply skip adding Trump, believing that the company would fall on its liberal leanings. Disney owns ABC News, which has been one of Trump’s targets of “fake news” when the outlet runs stories critical to the president. Trump lambasted the network when it suspended top reporter Brian Ross for an inaccurate story that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn would testify that Trump directed him to make contact with Russia.

While the initial reactions to the Donald Trump animatronic at the Hall of Presidents is decidedly negative, Walt Disney World will have a bit of time to make changes. The exhibit remains closed while Disney makes upgrades and repairs.