Fingerlings In Stock? — Where To Buy Hottest Toy For Christmas Last Minute For Regular $15 Price


The Fingerlings phenomenon is something that happens every year, but with a different “must-have” toy of the season. Fingerlings are these little robotic monkeys that grip onto your child’s fingers, and it makes noises as it interacts with its owner.

These Fingerling monkeys chatter, doze, and even fart. They make smooching sounds while sitting on your kid’s finger. They respond to touch, which starts up the noise that these little creatures are now famous for. They are also famous because kids everywhere are expecting a Fingerling or two under the Christmas tree this year.

Moms and dads everywhere are in a frenzy trying to get their hands on a fingerling for their little ones, but this is a feat that is taxing for sure. Many grandparents today can remember back to the early ’80s when part of the Christmas spirit during that decade was standing in long lines for a Cabbage Patch Doll.

According to Romper, Walmart executive Anne Marie Kehoe explained that because of the emotional connection the Fingerling inspires, she knew it would fly off the shelves — and it did!

Pitching a tent on the sidewalk while waiting for the next shipment to arrive at your nearest Toys R Us was a common activity across the nation during the years of the Cabbage Patch frenzy, but technology today helps ease some of that waiting time. Shopping experts suggest downloading the tracking app The Tracker to get notified when Fingerlings are in stock online at all the big outlets such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and Target. This way, you can sip coffee at home while waiting instead of sitting on a cold lawn chair on the ice-crusted pavement in front of a store.

Like anything else, after Christmas the Cabbage Patch Dolls were plentiful and the mad dash was off to get one. Then there was “Tickle Me Elmo,” which came along a decade or two after the Cabbage Patch Doll. There were plenty of more “must-have” Christmas toys that followed through the years.

Today it is the Fingerlings and parents are finding getting a hold of one so close to Christmas a maddening task to take on. As reported in a previous Inquisitr article, these Fingerlings were going for a small fortune on eBay, just like most of the “must-have” toys do each year.

The Fingerlings usually go for under $15 in a retail store like Walmart, but someone bid and won a batch on eBay for $3,750. According to an Inquisitr article, for that huge sum of money, they got the “WowWee Fingerlings Lot Complete Set Monkeys Playset Sloth GiGi, Milly Sophie Finn.”

So where can you find Fingerlings today?

Fox News reported on their live broadcast Tuesday that Walmart stores are one place you may be able to find them. Some Walmart stores may still have them, and they also remind you that they do go quickly when a shipment comes in. Twitter users are reporting that Fingerlings are in stock at Walmart today. On their website, Walmart has some Fingerlings offered with “low in stock” showing up on the page, but not “out of stock” being reported on all Fingerlings posted. It can’t hurt to call your local Walmart to see when they might get the next shipment or if they happen to have them right now. The A Frugal Chick website is reporting that Amazon is running low, but they still do have some listed in stock.

According to i4u, “WowWee Fingerlings unicorn babies are in stock at Toys R Us stores.” Some of the Toys R Us stores do have other types besides the unicorn babies.

Fox News also suggests calling around to the stores in your area, as you just never know if they happen to have some left or if a chance shipment comes through. Many of the shopping websites today are saying Amazon is your best bet, so go forth and conquer today to get your Fingerlings in time for Christmas.