TLC Confirms ‘Counting On’ Season 8: Will New Season Include Jill, Jessa, & Josh Duggar’s New Baby?

Duggar Family Instagram

After months of speculation, TLC has finally confirmed that there will be another season of the Duggar family’s reality TV show, Counting On. With the announcement of Joseph and Kendra Duggar’s first pregnancy, the network has decided to let their loyal fans know that the new season will air this coming spring with new developments of the second-generation Duggars as they start families of their own. The question is, will Season 8 of Counting On finally allow Josh Duggar back in front of the camera?

TLC announced this week that the new season of Counting On will be released in early 2018 for the fans to enjoy.

“You’ll be able to keep following Joe and Kendra’s story when Counting On returns to TLC in Spring 2018,” the website states.

Josh Duggar is one of the family members not allowed to appear in the series. Back in 2015, it was revealed that he molested his four younger sisters, cheated on his wife, Anna Duggar, and had an active account on Ashley Madison, a website that helps married people have secret affairs. This immediately got his family’s popular show, 19 Kids and Counting, canceled.

“TLC pulled the plug on 19 Kids following public pressure that erupted when a resurfaced police report from 2006 revealed that Josh had been investigated for child molestation of six people when he was a teen,” reports People Magazine.

Earlier this year, he began making more appearances on his family’s social media accounts, which has received mixed reactions from the fans.

“I missed see[ing] Josh,” a fan wrote last year. “No matter what we have done, everyone on earth deserves a second chance. I want back the full family on the show. Don’t take this message personally.”

“Hope Josh kept his hands to himself at Thanksgiving and that no girls fell into a tryptophan nap,” another commented on this year’s Thanksgiving family picture. “He loves those sleeping girls!”

Other members of the Duggar family who will not make an appearance on Counting On Season 8 are Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard, as well as their baby boys, Israel and Samuel. Earlier this fall, TLC revealed that the 29-year-old husband has been eliminated from the cast due to his transphobic tweets aimed at Jazz Jennings, the star of the TLC show I Am Jazz.

Jill Duggar’s husband recently confirmed on Twitter that his whole family, including the new baby, will not be appearing in the new season.

Just because Josh Duggar and Jill Duggar’s families are stricken from the TLC list doesn’t mean that there is a dearth of content for the crew to capture. So far, Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, have not started any drama or scandals, so their new baby, Henry Seewald, will be included in the new season. Also, Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, have gotten massively popular amongst Counting On fans, and their lives in Texas will be highlighted.

In addition, the newest couple on the block will also receive a lot of attention. The fact that Joseph and Kendra Duggar are also pregnant now means the show can focus on new love instead of old drama.

“We are excited to share our journey with y’all,” Joseph said to the TLC camera.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Jana Duggar have also been spotted filming for Season 8, which means that even the unmarried members of the family are poised to get some airtime.

Counting On will return in spring 2018.