‘Destiny 2’ Launches The Dawning Event, What You Need To Know

The first holiday-themed event for Destiny 2 launched Tuesday for gamers on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Dawning is live and has new activities in play spaces and social spaces for Guardians to enjoy plus gifts to give and receive.

The Dawning will last until the weekly reset on Tuesday, January 9. The event was originally introduced during the final year of Destiny 1 and is an amalgamation of different holiday customs from the humans who reside in The Last City and an opportunity to celebrate the Light that guided humanity through the Darkness.

New Milestones

The Tower during the Destiny 2: The Dawning event.

The Dawning adds three new milestones to Destiny 2 for Guardians to complete. The character will need to have completed the campaign to gain access. With that completed, you will have access to the following.

  • Welcome to the Dawning – This is an introductory milestone that will need to be completed by only one Guardian per account. You will be rewarded with an emblem for The Dawning.
  • Spreading Holiday Cheer – This is the weekly milestone that will be available to all Guardians on an account. This will ask players to complete different activities, such as five Mayhem Crucible matches and five Strikes in the first week.
  • Today’s Gift – This is a daily milestone that tasks players with gathering resources to make gifts for NPCs and be given a gift in return. Make sure you have space in your character’s Ghost Shell inventory to receive it or else it will be sent to the Postmaster.

The Tower and The Farm

The snowball court fight at the Farm in Destiny 2 for The Dawning event.

Snow has come to Destiny 2‘s social spaces. Both the Tower and the Farm are decorated with holiday cheer. There are also piles of snowballs around in each snowball to discover. Players can pick these up and throw them at each other. The aiming is a bit wonky in these areas but will cover the target of the snowball in snow and put a crystalline effect on their screen.

The Farm has a proper snowball fight battlefield with small snow fort piles on either end of the soccer field.

Meanwhile, an ice rink with a giant hockey puck and snowballs can be found in the Tower Hanger. Goals are present at either end of the rink and scoring a goal will drop a new puck from the ceiling. As expected, sliding on ice is involved.


Snowballs are also a fun addition to the Strike playlists. These are powerful enough to kill a normal Destiny 2 enemy and can do decent damage plus stun higher health enemies like yellow-bar mini-bosses. There does not appear to be a stun effect against the Strike end boss, but they still do damage.


A new Mayhem playlist has been added to the Destiny 2 Crucible menu. This mode takes the Clash mode and adds a modifier to increase the super, grenade, melee, and class ability recharge rates. Heavy Weapon ammo respawns will also come more quickly.


The Dawning Engram fro Destiny 2.

Al Destiny 2 players will receive on free Dawning Engram from Eververse. This contains Rare, Legendary, and Exotic items like emotes, ships, ghost shells, shaders, and armor pieces. Silver is the in-game currency that can be purchased with real money.

You can preview the contents of the engram and see what can possibly be obtained. It is also an opportunity to preview the lore tabs on the Exotic items and see the story behind each.

Tess Everiss sells naturally sells Dawning Engrams for 200 Silver for one Engram, 500 Silver for three, or 800 Silver for five. She will also have a rotating inventory of items for sale during the three-week event. Legendary armor pieces selling for 1,200 Bright Dust while ships and ghost shells are much cheaper. Exotic items can be as high as 2,500 Bright Dust. This is the currency earned from Eververse Engrams and by dismantling items received from Eververse.