‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Faith Stowers Claims Her Relationship With Jax Taylor Began One Year Ago

Faith Stowers opened up about her relationship with Jax Taylor during a new interview and revealed tons of new information about what led up to their affair.

On December 18, one week after Jax Taylor was seen coming clean about their relationship to his girlfriend of two years, Brittany Cartwright, on Vanderpump Rules, Faith Stowers spoke to Us Weekly magazine, revealing that Taylor first began sending her flirty messages on Twitter one year ago.

“I just kind of ignored it, but I would write him back cause at this time we were all hanging out,” she explained, adding that Taylor was letting her know he was interested in her in his private messages.

Faith Stowers went on to say that in addition to his flirty messages on Twitter, Jax Taylor frequently flirted with her in person. In fact, at times, Stowers claimed Taylor would flirt with her right in front of his girlfriend and frequently made comments about her butt. He’d even lift up her skirt while drunk and claim he was doing so to see her tattoos.

According to Faith Stowers, Brittany Cartwright wasn’t nearly as out of the loop as she’s seemed to be on Vanderpump Rules. In fact, Stowers said that she likely expected for Taylor to do “dirty things” because he was a man. Stowers then said that she once received a text message from Cartwright, encouraging her to come to their apartment and stay the night. Although Stowers didn’t do so, she allegedly got another text the following day from Taylor, who informed her that he and his girlfriend were reportedly hoping to have a threesome with her the previous night.

In response to the message, Faith Stowers said she joked about the idea of having a threesome with Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright and said Cartwright was “pretty cute.” However, the threesome never happened. Instead, after Taylor reportedly told Stowers that things between himself and Cartwright have come to an end, they met up at Stowers home.

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Although Faith Stowers wasn’t convinced that Jax Taylor’s relationship was truly over, she ultimately agreed to spend some time with Taylor, and right away, he reportedly came onto her hard. As she explained, Taylor reportedly gave her a hug and grabbed her backside at the same time. He then allegedly told her that he had been “wanting this for a long time.”

“He’s almost begging, but it was not in a disgusting or dirty way. It was like, he just really needed to talk to me and as he’s talking to me, he’s grabbing on me,” she explained.

Faith Stowers then said that things between them happened so fast that they didn’t use protection.

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