Scott Disick Using Sofia Richie’s Credit Card To Fund Lavish Lifestyle Amid Broke Claims

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Scott Disick is having some financial problems, a source claims, adding that his girlfriend, Sofia Richie, is currently footing most of his bills.

While it’s unclear where Scott’s money issues stem from, what seems to be clear is that he has his wealthy girlfriend to rely on, whose allegedly been paying off on all of Scott’s utility bills and lavish meals in Los Angeles.

A source tells Radar Online that when Scott Disick and Richie are dining outing in Hollywood, it’s been very rare that the father of three pays. It’s almost as if Sofia is being hinted to pay for the food, and it doesn’t stop there.

His endless monthly bills are so costly but apparently, Sofia has had no problem swiping her credit card from left to right into order to make her man happy as he attempts to resurrect from his financial situation.

What’s more is that Scott Disick and Richie were alleged to have broken up earlier this month, but after photos of the duo were seen from their trip to Miami, it seemed clear that whatever issues they had between one another had been resolved.

Since the two started dating, it’s been alleged that Richie’s family members aren’t happy about the 19-year-old dating a man that already has three children.

They have supposedly branded the Scott Disick romance as inappropriate for their teenager relative, but given that she’s so invested into the relationship at this point, they would not want to pull her away from it.

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No one is convinced that Scott Disick and the aspiring model will last as long as they think they will, particularly since they have already found themselves breaking up once earlier this month, as previously claimed.

Regarding Sofia’s decision to foot all of Scott Disick’s bills, only time will tell how long the socialite will put up with the finances that she’s been covering on her boyfriend’s behalf before she has enough and leaves the aging TV personality for good.–WFecG/?taken-by=letthelordbewithyou

Given how things have been going for Scott Disick and Sofia in recent weeks, however, it wouldn’t seem as if the duo is splitting up anytime soon.