‘The Voice’: Miley Cyrus Called Out For Overshadowing Contestant Brooke Simpson

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Miley Cyrus is being called out by fans who claimed she overshadowed her contestant Brooke Simpson as the twosome teamed up for a duet on last night’s (December 18) first part of The Voice’s Season 13 finale. Miley and Brooke got together during the broadcast to perform a duet version of her 2013 hit “Wrecking Ball,” though not everyone was so happy with how they collaborated.

While some fans praised the performance, others claimed that Cyrus took on too big of a role in the duet and should have stepped back a little more to let Brooke – who’s the only artist on Team Miley in the finale – shine.

“Miley and Brooke sing Miley’s song and Miley monopolizes the performance that is supposed to showcase the artist on her team,” said The Voice viewer @jetergirl410. “More proof that Miley is an awful coach. #thevoice.”

“#TheVoice Miley is going to [lose] this for Brooke. She needs to zip it,” another said of the duet performance during the first night of the Season 13 finale, while a third tweeted as the episode aired live, “Miley should’ve let Brooke lead more. Felt like Brooke was accompanying Miley instead it being a true duet or Brooke being able to stand out.”

“#TheVoice @brookesimpson should have sung the lead in that duet,” agreed Twitter user @beautysbeholder. “It was like Miley was trying to battle her & Brooke wanted to be respectful.”

But while some fans claimed Cyrus should have taken a less prominent role in the duet than she did, there’s no doubting that most viewers were pretty excited to see the singer hit the stage during the broadcast to perform her 2013 hit.

A number of fans watching along made no secret of the fact that they were happy to see the former Hannah Montana star show off her vocals, praising her and Brooke’s duet of her hit.

“#Thevoice so Miley and Brooke killed it!!! Ahhhhhmazing!!!!!” wrote one impressed viewer, while another said of Cyrus and Simpson’s duet on the social media site, “Miley Cyrus & Brook Simpson. THEY’RE [KILLING] THE SHOW!!!! OMG! This is BEST Performance EVER.”

Cyrus also tweeted a link for fans to download the song on iTunes after they hit the stage together, proving that she was pretty proud of singing with her only remaining contestant to make it into the finale.

The duet no doubt also came as a bit of a surprise to fans, as it was just last week that Miley admitted on The Voice that the music video for the song was actually the most embarrassing thing she’d ever done.

The star joked about the video – in which she swings naked on a wrecking ball – on the show during the semi-finals, where she admitted that stripping down and sitting on the machinery for the emotional duet was quite possibly her most embarrassing career move ever.

Miley Cyrus is getting slammed for overshadowing Brooke Simpson during their 'The Voice' duet
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Fellow The Voice coach Blake Shelton then threw a little playful shade at the star and her past unique career choices, telling her during the semi-finals, “You’ve done way more embarrassing c**p than that.”

Miley, Blake, and Adam Levine are all still in the running to win Season 13 with their acts, though Cyrus confirmed earlier this year that she actually won’t be back for Season 14 next spring.

The star will be leaving the show with fellow coach Jennifer Hudson, while Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson will be taking over as coaches for the first round of shows of 2018.

The Voice Season 13 finale will air on NBC tonight (December 19).