WWE News: Woken Matt Hardy Attacks ‘Spot Monkeys’ Of ‘205 Live’

When Matt Hardy started his “Woken” Matt gimmick in the WWE, many fans wondered which parts of his Broken Universe from Impact Wrestling would show up in the WWE. Hardy has started using “Delete” over and over and has started ranting about time travel, reincarnation and the Gods of his universe. However, there was another part of the Broken Matt gimmick that has just surfaced thanks to both a tweet by Matt Hardy as well as an announcement made by the WWE. Hardy has publicly attacked the cruiserweights of 205 Live on Twitter, and the WWE released a statement that Hardy would battle Bray Wyatt on the upcoming 205 Live tour.

Matt Hardy Speaks Out About 205 Live

In a Twitter post on Sunday, Matt Hardy tweeted that he will work tirelessly now that he has woken and will delete Bray Wyatt as well as the “horrendous” Sister Abigail. He then added at the end that he feels the need to counsel wrestlers who suffer from the “POTENT Spot Monkey ADDICKKTION.”

For WWE fans who think that Matt Hardy is burying the 205 Live wrestlers, this is something that has carried over from his days in Impact Wrestling. In one hilarious promo on Impact Wrestling in the Broken Matt days, Hardy had a private zoo with monkeys that he named after the wrestlers in the X-Division.

It should also be noted that the entire spot monkey part of the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick in Impact Wrestling was not to interact with X-Division wrestlers but instead to force Jeff Hardy to stop his high-flying daredevil wrestling style. With Jeff out of action with an injury, that could play into his return to the WWE in the next few months.

Matt Hardy And His Future Plans With 205 Live

Matt Hardy never did much in the way of physical confrontations with X-Division wrestlers in Impact Wrestling, but he will end up wrestling on the same shows as the 205 Live superstars. The WWE announced that Matt Hardy would fight Bray Wyatt on the upcoming 205 Live tour.

This is a special series of events as the WWE tries to gouge public interest in the cruiserweight division but adding the Woken Matt Hardy gimmick to the shows is something that can help sell more tickets to the event based on the popularity of the gimmick.

The shows will take place on Jan. 19-21 and take place in Kingston, Rhode Island, Lowell, Massachusettes and Poughkeepsie, New York. Tickets are on sale now.

It will be curious to see how Woken Matt Hardy might interact with Drew Gulak, whose entire gimmick is getting cruiserweight wrestlers to stop their high flying moves. While his first WWE feud is with Bray Wyatt, that might not be the most exciting part of Woken Matt Hardy on 205 Live.

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