Trump’s Two-Handed Water Sipping Gets Buzz [Video]

Why Does Trump Drink So Much Water? Trump's Two-Handed Water Sipping Gets Buzz [Video]
Evan Vucci / AP Images

President Donald Trump drank water from a glass several times on Monday, December 18, as Trump gave a speech about national security. Trump’s “America First” agenda was seemingly overshadowed by the several pauses that Trump took in order to sip water with two hands from the glass, as seen in the below videos. It’s not the first time that President Trump has gone viral for drinking water in an awkward manner. As reported by the Inquisitr, Trump went viral for holding a bottle of Fiji water with both hands and sipping from it during a speech on November 15. Back then, viewers of the viral videos of Trump’s water-drinking moment surmised that Trump may have used two hands in order to hide the Fiji water bottle label in order not to give Fiji any type of free promotion. After all, Trump wasn’t drinking from a Trump brand of water bottle.

On Monday, however, Trump wasn’t holding a Fiji water bottle but a glass. Perhaps Trump used two hands to ensure he wouldn’t drop and break the glass. Either way, Trump’s water-drinking moments on Monday are once again going viral on social media. As seen in the below tweets about Trump’s water drinking, Trump has gained a new nickname because of the way he holds cups and glasses and bottles with two hands.

According to Google Trends, Trump’s manner of drinking with two hands has caused searches regarding the incidents to surge.

Trump was made fun of by CNN anchors Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota, according to TheWrap, based on his two-handed water drinking.

The responses to Trump on social media feature several central themes, including those asking why Trump has been drinking water so often lately during his short speeches, to those wondering why Trump uses two hands to hold his liquids.

Whereas sudden and increased thirst could be a sign of health problems, such as a diabetic condition, Trump’s need for water could simply be due to the dry mouth that the White House previously claimed Trump suffered from when the world pegged his slurring as a problem with dentures and dubbed him #DentureDonald.

The most recent tweets about Trump’s water-drinking habits posit plenty of theories about the frequency of Trump sipping water, as well as his habit of holding the water containers with two hands. Plenty of jokes and memes have resulted as a result of Trump’s latest speech.