Katy Perry Named ‘Hottest Woman Of 2013’ By Men’s Magazine

You’d think it’d be too early to call such a thing, what with only four days into the new year, but singer Katy Perry has topped Men’s Health Magazine‘s “Hottest Women” list for 2013.

Perry claims the crown for the 100 Hottest Women of 2013 list by Men’s Health, beating out Mila Kunis and Christina Hendricks for the honor.

Editors for Men’s Health cited Perry’s career successes and her quick public rebound from her failed marriage to Russell Brand as factors in their decision to crown her 2013’s hottest woman.

“She took a bad breakup and turned it into the raw material of the year’s most successful album, ‘Teenage Dream.’ … Hell, her Twitter following alone is four times the population of New York City. … Nobody, including us, could get enough of Perry this year. And for that reason, she is our sexiest woman of 2013.”

Behind Perry at No. 2 was Mila Kunis, while curvy Mad Men star Christina Hendricks clocked-in at No. 3. At No. 4 was Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence. Though Jennifer Aniston was previously honored with the title of Sexiest Woman Of All-time from the magazine, she landed in fifth place for 2013.

Other gals who made the list were Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, and Beyonce. MSN reports that Jennifer Lopez sank on the list to No. 72, just above British royal Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (popularly known as Kate Middleton) at No. 73.

Kristen Stewart came in at No. 89, while Lady Gaga was No. 93. Actress Maggie Grace was No. 100, but being No. 100 on a list of hottest women certainly isn’t awful.

What do you think? Who would be your top pick for hottest woman of 2013?