WWE Monday Night Raw News: Brock Lesnar To Return December 18, Plus Rumors About Roman Reigns, Other News

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Brock Lesnar is rumored to be returning to WWE Monday Night Raw tonight (December 18), and the scuttlebutt indicates that he’s going to be looking for opponents for an upcoming Royal Rumble title match.

As Still Real To Us reports, the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island will be the scene of tonight’s shenanigans, and one of the big stories to be addressed tonight is the future of Lesnar’s Universal Champion title. As you may remember, last week’s match between Braun Strowman and Kane, was billed as being the match that would determine Lesnar’s challenger for next month’s Pay-Per-View event. However, according to Sky Sports, that match quickly descended into chaos, and finished without a winner, thanks to the match ending in a double count out.

That leaves Brock with an upcoming defense of his title belt, and no challenger to vie for it. Rumors are that Brock, alongside his hype man, Paul Heyman, will be talking to the crowd tonight, almost certainly to issue a challenge to anyone who wants to face him in the ring to step up.

What’s Going On With Roman Reigns

Roman is not expected to be at Raw tonight — at least, not in person. He’s not being promoted on the Dunkin Donuts Arena’s website as appearing tonight, nor is he coming up on WWE‘s promotions for tonight’s event.

Roman Reigns won't be at Raw
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Still, even though he (probably) won’t be at Monday Night Raw in person tonight, he’s still going to loom large over the proceedings. Roman’s spent the last few weeks defending his Intercontinental Championship in open challenge. And Still Real To Us writer Josh Foster says that “it’s being teased” that the subject of Roman’s next challenger is going to come up tonight.

Matt Hardy And The Woken Warriors

Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy have been feuding for who knows how long know, and last week, things got even weirder. What’s more, the two have been battling it out in video promos. If the two show up tonight, will things get physical between the two? Meanwhile, Hardy’s been trying to assemble his own team, “The Woken Warriors,” so fans watching tonight might get to see some new followers joining Hardy.

Other Stories

Finally, expect tonight’s episode to move the story of Cedric Alexander and his second chance to move forward, and expect Absolution to be put on notice.