Joy-Anna Duggar Latest Baby Bump Pic: Forsyths To Not Reveal Baby Gender Until Birth?

Joy-Anna Duggar’s growing baby bump looked smaller than before in an Instagram image her friend Carlin Bates shared on Sunday.

Joy-Anna attended Tori Bates and Bobby Smith’s wedding in Tennessee on Saturday. Best friend Carlin, who was her sister’s bridesmaid, and Joy-Anna had a picture clicked, which Carlin shared on Instagram. Unlike reactions her baby bump images have received since she announced her pregnancy earlier this year, the latest image has been devoid of comments alleging pre-marital sex. In the past, she has been termed “too large” by many who believe the conception took place before she married Austin Forsyth.

Sources reportedly close to the Duggar family claim Joy-Anna is expected to give birth late in February or early March. On the other hand, critics alleging pre-marital sex claim she is due early February. Joy-Anna and Austin have not revealed the due date.

In Carlin’s Instagram post (swipe to the last image in the series), in contrast to her friend seen in a bridesmaid outfit, Joy-Anna Duggar’s clothes appear too casual for a wedding. She is seen in a round-necked, full-sleeved shirt and a black skirt. The shirt appears to fall on her body, hiding the bulk of her baby bump. Joy-Anna, however, made her pregnancy apparent by clutching her belly.

Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar announced the pregnancy in August, according to People. It appears the couple has not only decided to keep the due date under wraps but has also not revealed the baby’s gender. According to the American Pregnancy Association, gender can be determined on an ultrasound anytime after 18 or 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Joy-Anna is estimated to be well over 20 weeks pregnant, according to at least one source quoted on blog site The Duggar Blogs, who also claimed the couple has decided to skip gender determination in order to be surprised upon the arrival of their first child.

“It is hard to believe that we have roughly three months until baby Forysth will be here. A family friend has said that the couple has chosen to wait to find if it’s a boy or girl when it arrives.”

Gender determination in the Duggar clan is a major occasion, with TLC weaving Counting On episodes around such events in the past. Joy-Anna’s sisters have done gender reveals on television and have also reportedly set up baby registries. If she opted to not find out her baby’s gender until birth, Joy-Anna Duggar would certainly be breaking a Duggar tradition.