Roman Reigns Not Advertised For ‘Raw’ Following Abrupt WWE Weekend Absence Has Speculation Running Wild

Todd WilliamsonAP Images

Roman Reigns is the WWE superstar who fans love to boo, but he is also a superstar that fans want to see at a WWE event. The recent buzz of the rumor mill indicates that Reigns would be missing several upcoming events and after his absence this weekend, those rumors looked to be true. Now with Reigns not being advertised for tonight’s Monday Night Raw event, those rumors have turned into an online frenzy of speculation among the WWE fans.

There’s one more thing missing for the fans besides Reigns, and that is the reason behind why Reigns won’t be in the ring, according to Givemesport. Roman is a phenomenon when it comes to the world inside the WWE and the fans. The powerhouse is a superstar, yet his welcoming to the stage would suggest to anyone attending a WWE event for the first time that he’s not welcome.

While it may look and sound as if he is unwelcome, it doesn’t take long to realize that this is far from the truth. The boos and insults tossed his way as he makes his way into the ring have become such a tradition that fans actually look forward to it.

According to Sportskeeda,over the weekend in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the red brand’s top stars were there and offering plenty of action, but two relevant names were missing from the event. One of those names was Roman Reigns and the other, well that was The Miz.

Reigns missing from the live WWE event over the weekend was considered odd to some of the WWE fans. Now with Reigns not showing up on the Raw schedule for tonight, this appears to have even more fans take note of his abrupt absence, according to reports. Raw is in Providence, Rhode Island, at the Dunkin Donuts Center Monday night and while there’s no official word that Reigns won’t be attending, there’s no indication that he will. His name isn’t advertised for this event, which it is for all the other events where he’s appeared.


It was Dave Meltzer who first reported that the WWE rumor mill has “Roman Reigns missing multiple WWE events.” The next question is “why?” According to what Sportskeeda reports Meltzer addressing on his Wrestling Observer Radio show, “it was noted that the WWE has shuffled the main event matches owing to Reigns being off the live events.”

As Sportskeeda reports, there’s no reason revealed as to what’s going on with Reigns missing this weekend’s event, and now he’s not expected on Raw tonight.

“It remains to be seen whether there’s more than what meets the eye to Reigns’ sudden absence.”


Comments on the Sportskeeda article from the WWE fans point to the holidays and Reigns possibly taking some time off to be with his family this time of year. Loyal fans of Roman Reigns are seen through their comments attached to the E Wrestling News article on Reigns. They surmise that with Reigns working Christmas, he probably took some time off to be with his family. Then there are some rather sinister suggestions that have some of Reigns’ fans fighting back.

“I just hope he didn’t fail another drug test. Addiction is hard af,” suggests one WWE fan. Others chimed in to address the comment, with one WWE fan reminding the readers of the WWE policy around “failing another drug test.”

They suggest that Roman has only been out a week and a second drug test fail would render him gone for a “2-month suspension,” writes the fan. They also suggest he’d be stripped of his IC title and since that’s still with Reigns, the comments on the “failed drug test” are barking up the wrong tree.

It looks like Roman’s fans have his back and that follows through to the social media sites as well. The consensus appears to be – a few days off does not mean a crisis. Still, others are waiting to see if Reigns’ absence from the ring gets any longer than beyond tonight’s Raw.