‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2: David E. Kelley Talks New Season, Defends The ‘Limited Series’ Label

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Big Little Lies is back for Season 2 after producer David E. Kelley previously said he wasn’t interested in bringing the series back. There have been numerous reports, slamming HBO for labeling the series a limited series. Many critics believe that by coming back for a second season, they shouldn’t be eligible for any awards in the limited series category. Kelley and HBO disagree.

HBO released the following statement about Little Big Lies being categorized as a limited series.

“We conceived a limited series, and that’s what we produced. It feels more right to me to reclassify going into the future than to go back and redefine what we were. I know what we were, and that’s a limited series. Not only was the idea of a second season not contemplated when we began this journey, but the idea was also pretty prohibitive — one that we didn’t consider, quite frankly.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Big Little Lies brought in over 7 million viewers each episode and dominated the 2017 Emmy awards, winning in eight categories.

Kelley revealed that it was difficult to get all the cast and crew on board for Season 2. Their contract had expired, and they moved on to other projects. He felt he had to be realistic and prepared himself not to be able to get his team back. In the end, it worked out, and the only person he had to replace was the director.

He recalled feeling overwhelmed when they first started talking about coming back for Season 2. They had no one on contracts. The sets were lost. They had no stages. Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon were committed to other projects. Even though the cards were stack against him, Kelley made it work and figured everything out to make Season 2 a reality.


The series hasn’t started filming yet since he’s still writing the script. Kelley stated that he completed four episodes so far and wrote the outlines for the rest of the series. Big Little Lies Season 2 will feature seven new episodes, somewhat shorter than HBO’ average television show.

Moving into Season 2, David Kelley said that he has an open mind about where the series will lead. He isn’t committing to Season 3 but isn’t ruling it out either. He believed that the show would be over after Season 1, so in some ways, the crew believes Season 2 will be it.

HBO has not revealed Big Little Lies Season 2 premiere date yet.