Former WWE Star Justin Credible Shows Up Drunk For Indie Wrestling Show

Recently, former WWE star and ECW Champion Justin Credible said that he was going to rehabilitate himself in 2018 after suffering from substance abuse problems over the past few years. He posted a video on Facebook back in July and said that he might end up in jail for an arrest that caused some people to fear for his life. The WWE reached out to Justin and offered to pay for his rehab, and he accepted. After going to the WWE-sponsored therapy, he said he was ready for a fresh start and got a chance with Blitzkrieg Pro Wrestling in Connecticut.

The Justin Credible Incident With Blitzkrieg

Justin Credible was booked to show up for Blitzkrieg Pro Wrestling and sign autographs for fans before the show started. However, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Credible showed up drunk and in no condition to meet fans or work. There were also complaints that his wife came along and was refusing to stop smoking in no-smoking areas.

Justin Credible said he wanted to go into the ring to cut a promo but was refused. Despite this, Justin went into the ring anyway and demanded a microphone. This entire incident was filmed by a fan and posted on YouTube. The promoter was demanding that Justin get out of the ring and admitted he used to be a fan but that Credible was a disgrace now.

Justin Credible Responds To Incident, Seeks Help

When wrestling journalist Ryan Clark reached out on Twitter to see if Justin Credible was okay, the wrestler responded and said that he was not clean and relapsed before the event. He has since said that he embarrassed himself by showing up intoxicated to the show.

Furthermore, Justin Credible said that he was going to try to get more help. After trying to clean up on his own using the WWE-sponsored rehabilitation program, he is going to someone who helped two other former WWE superstars clean up.

Diamond Dallas Page helped both Scott Hall and Jake “The Snake” Roberts clean up after many years of substance abuse problems thanks to the DDP Yoga program. While Roberts has remained clean, Hall has still hit some roadblocks over the years. However, Justin Credible is looking to Page to help him get through his abuse problems.

In a video he released, Justin Credible said no one should feel sorry for him or forgive him, but he talked to Dallas and said he would get help from him. Credible said Page told him to make this video and they will track everything they do as he tries to pick himself back up.