‘The Challenge: Rivals III’ Costars Cory Wharton, Cheyenne Floyd Share They Have 9-Month-Old Daughter

Jason Kempin Getty Images

It turns out that rumors about Cory Wharton and Cheyenne Floyd are actually true. Us Magazine shared that Cory returned to social networks and is giving out some crazy news. Cory Wharton and Cheyenne Floyd have a child together and she is 9-months-old.

They have a daughter named Ryder and she is already 9-months-old. Cory explained that the reason he hasn’t been on social networks lately had to do with this and his life is going great. It sounds like they aren’t together at all now, though. He talked about how they are doing a great job co-parenting their child. He actually thanked Cheyenne for being such a great mother.

Cory Wharton also did a big Instagram live with his daughter. It turns out that her first word was “dada.” It seems like he is so excited to be a father. Cheyenne raved about how great of a father he is as well, and it seems like they have found a way to get along with each other.

During the reunion show, they did not admit if they were together or not. The fans really thought that they were, but they didn’t say anything though. It turns out that it was probably true looking at how old their little girl is and the fans thinking that they were together. The fans were quick to congratulate them after they heard the news and figured out that they have a child together. It looks like everyone is really excited for the couple.

Everyone knew that Cheyenne had a baby. She shared she was pregnant and even documented it on social networks, but she never said who her boyfriend was or who the father of the baby was so fans wondered. Now, it has been confirmed that Cory Wharton is the father of her baby. The fans are excited to see that they have been able to work through issues and co-parent their little girl Ryder.

The fans are totally shocked that Cory Wharton and Cheyenne Floyd have a baby together, but didn’t share the news until now. Don’t miss new episodes of The Challenge on MTV. Hopefully, Cory and Cheyenne will continue to share updates on their little girl.