MLB Trade Rumors: Manny Machado To The Chicago White Sox Is Still Being Discussed

The MLB trade rumors about the Chicago White Sox tossing their names in the hat for Baltimore Orioles’ shortstop Manny Machado was a huge surprise. A team in their rebuilding phase, much like the Chicago White Sox are, have left many scratching their heads. After accumulating several top prospects, how could the White Sox blow it all up for the Orioles’ Machado, who is perceived as a rental player?

That was one of the biggest questions as MLB teams broke from baseball’s annual winter meetings. Just as the last couple of seasons, the Chicago White Sox took some of the spotlight from their more high-profiled counterparts. Having secured a trade with the Baltimore Orioles, the White Sox would have once again, stole the show.

MLB trade rumors were swirling during the winter meetings regarding which team will acquire Manny Machado. Of the teams interested in the 25-year-old all-star, the Chicago White Sox submitted an impressive offer to the Baltimore Orioles, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The details on which players the White Sox offered the Orioles has led to a ton of speculation. White Sox fans have been hopeful that the team did not include their top prospects in their trade proposal to the Orioles.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the Orioles seek starting pitching this offseason. That can come in the form of the adding pitching in free agency or via a trade. There were whispers among the MLB trade rumors that the Orioles have asked for pitching in return for Manny Machado.

The Chicago White Sox, armed with the top minor league system in baseball, has a solid amount of pitching depth in their farm system. Lucas Giolito, who started for the White Sox near the end of the season.

Michael Kopech pitches.
Top pitching prospect Michael Kopech has been deemed as untouchable by the Chicago White Sox.

In seven starts for the Chicago White Sox, Lucas Giolito went 3-3, with a 2.38 ERA. Giolito is the prototypical pitcher for what the Baltimore Orioles are seeking. However, the White Sox are rumored to have not made Giolito available for a possible Manny Machado trade. Giolito is not the only White Sox player reportedly off limits.

Another top pitching prospect the White Sox have not included in any of the MLB trade rumors surrounding the Orioles and Manny Machado is Michael Kopech. According to Yahoo Sports, the White Sox offer to the Orioles is not as strong because it does not include Kopech.

The White Sox considers Michael Kopech a star in the making, which makes him an untouchable prospect. Long time MLB insider Peter Gammons is one of the biggest believers in the White Sox pitcher. Gammons cited that Kopech has Cy Young potential in a recent Chicago White Sox podcast.

Dan Clark of the Baltimore Sun confirms that the White Sox have refused to include Kopech in the Manny Machado trade talks with the Orioles.

Despite the Chicago White Sox refusal to add Lucas Giolito and Michael Kopech in a deal for Manny Machado, trade talks with the Orioles are not dead. There is some growing MLB trade rumors suggesting that the White Sox and Orioles are still in conversations regarding a Machado trade.

In order for the White Sox to complete a trade with the Orioles there are a couple of things the White Sox must comply to. The first thing the White Sox must do is agree to include at least one of their top pitching prospects

Two names who the White Sox may center their trade proposal around are pitchers Carson Fulmer and Dane Dunning. Both of them have a limited number of experience pitching in the majors. Also, they are under cost control, which is attractive to the Baltimore Orioles.

The second thing that the Chicago White Sox must agree on is to not trade Manny Machado to another team if they land him. Perhaps there are a couple of provisions that the Baltimore Orioles will look to include in trade talks.

Every one of the MLB trade rumors that lists the White Sox as a favorite to land Manny Machado cites that they want to lock him up long-term. Because there is a possibility of Machado leaving via MLB free agency, the White Sox have had some reluctance.

Manny Machado waits on deck.
Manny Machado may have played his last game with the Baltimore Orioles.

The belief is that the Chicago White Sox stands a better chance of selling Manny Machado on the culture of the team from inside of the organization. It is something that the White Sox cannot do if they were to simply recruit Machado in free agency.

If the MLB trade rumors are true regarding the Chicago White Sox aggressive pursuit of Baltimore Orioles’ shortstop Manny Machado, the only way for things to get done is for both teams to get something. The speculation is growing, however, that the White Sox are the frontrunners to acquire Machado.

How much will Machado cost the White Sox, and will it put a halt to their rebuild?