Beyonce Instagrams 30-Lb Weight Loss From Ketogenic Diet, Sizzles In Red Hot, Skin-Tight Style

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Beyonce is squashing those rumors of plastic surgery contributing to the 30 pounds that she lost in just three weeks by flaunting her fabulous post-baby body in fashions that reveal every inch of her newly slim body. Slipping into a racy, revealing blouse and body-hugging, red hot skirt, Beyonce is back and better than ever when it comes to the ability to sizzle on Instagram.

At 36, Beyonce proved that she knows what it means to steal the spotlight on Instagram. She flaunted clothes and accessories that took her usual style to the next level with their cutting-edge chic. And possibly considering all those folks sitting bored at home on a Saturday night, Queen Bey chose the weekend evening to buzz the hive.

Beyonce Heats Up Instagram In Body-Hugging Skirt

Rather than stress about choosing the perfect picture, Beyonce shared the wealth by posting multiple new photos on the social media platform and her website, reported ET.

“Beyonce looks red hot. She’s a total knockout!”

For anyone who was whispering that Beyonce owed her post-baby bum to plastic surgery, the proud mom flaunted her skin-tight skirt in the photos. The songstress opted for a red hot hue, choosing a pencil skirt with a high waist that hugged her hips.

To top that stunning skirt, Beyonce opted for a vintage Vogue blouse. The creamy white shade showcased the distressed style, and the “Check On It” singer checked any criticism by wearing it just low enough to reveal a mere hint of cleavage.

Beyonce didn’t disappoint when it came to her accessories. She swapped shoes for her photos, going for the ultimate in red hot, red carpet looks with posture-challenging, barely-there gold heels. But Queen Bey also kept it real with her accessories in another photo, choosing off-white Nike “Jordan 1” sneakers, perhaps getting ready for a quick run to the store with precious Blue Ivy.

For fans who wanted more close-up photos of her other accessories, Beyonce came through once again. Pulling up her curly hair in an adorable ponytail, the songstress flaunted gold earrings with diamonds, layered gold chokers and necklaces, and even a red Givenchy bag in one of the pictures.

Beyonce also delivered when it came to flaunting her 30-pound weight loss from a ketogenic diet. In one of the photos, Queen Bey showed off her whittled waistline with a close-up photo. It’s not easy losing weight after having a baby, and the pressure that celebrity moms feel in trying to shed pounds under the spotlight makes it even more challenging. But as Beyonce showed in her photos, she succeeded in restoring her famous post-baby body in an impressively short period of time.

Kim Kardashian has become the poster girl for the ketogenic weight loss diet, and Beyonce used that same keto diet to shed an impressive 30 pounds in just three weeks, as the Inquisitr reported.

Beyonce Turns To High-Fat, Low-Carb Keto Diet For 30-Pound Weight Loss In Three Weeks

The ketogenic weight loss diet used by Beyonce and Kim boosts fat, features protein, and cuts carbohydrates, reported Cooking Light.

“The ketogenic diet is a low-carb version of an already low-carb diet, so low in carbs that most variations of the diet average only about 5 percent of calories from carbs.”

Beyonce lost 30 pounds in just three weeks on a ketogenic weight loss diet.
Beyonce lost 30 pounds in just three weeks on a ketogenic weight loss diet. Featured image credit: Buda MendesGetty Images

To put their bodies in a state of ketosis, Beyonce and Kim eat meals that emphasize protein such as meats, poultry, fish, and eggs; higher fat dairy such as butter, cheese, and cream; healthy fats such as oils, nuts, seeds, and avocados, and low-carbohydrate vegetables, such as asparagus. They achieved their celebrity weight loss goals by cutting starchy vegetables, most fruits, grains, sugar, and any foods that would boost their carbohydrate intake to more than five percent of their total calories.

Although Kim and Beyonce’s ketogenic diets are associated with an abundance of butter and bacon, the magazine pointed out that the keto weight loss plans typically include “healthier cuts of animal proteins and the use of heart-healthy oils and fats.” The keto diet also gets stars for boosting vegetable intake and cutting appetite, helping to avoid cravings and hunger. As the Inquisitr reported, a new study showed that the ketogenic weight loss diet burns 10 times more fat.