‘The Walking Dead’ Rumors: Theories For Carl’s Survival Are Being Discussed Among Fans — Is There A Chance?

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Fans of The Walking Dead are still talking about the midseason finale’s ending, with Carl revealing a bite on his stomach. Many are hoping this is another Glen-under-the-dumpster fake-out to make viewers believe he is facing death. Others are accepting the grim fate of Carl Grimes, who is the future of the series in the comics.

According to Forbes, there are two solid theories to consider that may lead to Carl surviving the bite he showed to Rick and Michonne just before the credits rolled. As many members of the Facebook fan pages have pointed out, there is a chance the bite wasn’t from a zombie, but rather a Whisperer. They are the next big group that Rick and the group are set to encounter, according to Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic books. The new group survives in the midst of the zombie apocalypse by wearing the skin of zombies, allowing them to travel among them and not be attacked. In the comics, however, they are not known for biting. They use weapons and speak, just as the other humans do.

The second and more reasonable theory is that Carl is somehow immune. He has had close calls in the past and even had a blood transfusion from Rick. The CDC had said that all humans living in the zombie apocalypse are infected and will turn into zombies when they die. Fans have theorized that Carl is immune, which would give hope for the future of The Walking Dead. That is something that is missing in the show as well as the comics. As the story stands now, there is no way to end the plague. The question becomes, how would Carl have developed an immunity to the infection that they all carry?

Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln have both confirmed in interviews that Carl will, in fact, die in the episode airing on February 25, 2018. Chandler’s father has been very blunt in giving the details, claiming his son was actually fired by showrunner Scott Gimple. It isn’t likely that they have all come together to mislead The Walking Dead fans for another fake-death situation.